Microsoft looks to Sony for help in its defense against FTC lawsuit

To hold its own against the FTC and acquire Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has filed a subpoena against Sony so it can build a defense against the US regulator.

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Orchard56d ago

Smart move. Subpoenaing them for their revenue data - this will instantly disprove Sony's "oh woe is me, we're bankrupt without Activision" stance.

blackblades56d ago

Wasnt it you or was it someone else said it'll go threw smoothly. It doesnt seem like its going smoothly whoever thought it would. I would go back to check but its not worth it.

Orchard56d ago

I said it will go through but only with concessions in court.

Whether you consider that smoothly or not is up to you :P

MrNinosan56d ago

Yepp, he changed his wording last couple of months, but from the beginning it was a smoth walk, and lately it's been with some terms etc.

-Foxtrot56d ago

"oh woe is me"

Lol. You mean Microsofts ENTIRE counter defence through all this.

Outside_ofthe_Box56d ago

Exactly, Microsoft is the one that's like "oh woe is me Sony won't let us compete by letting us remove a slew of multiplat games from their platform."

-Foxtrot56d ago

Oh totally

I mean say what you want about Sony and their response to all this BUT think about it, if they were that wrong, if they had no point at all it would have been easy as hell for Microsoft to bitch slap them down a peg or two, enough for Sony to back off but here's the thing, what has Microsoft done? Oh yeah, their counter claims have literally been about talking shit and down playing themselves

That they are small as a company
Downplayed Gamepass
Said Sony's exclusives were better
That franchises like Elder Scrolls or their new IP Starfield were only "mid sized games"

So they just made it easy for Sony rather than getting into some well thought out counter claims

shinoff218356d ago

Elder scrolls is by no means a mid size game

As of March 2022 Todd Howard said it had sold 30 million copies. That is not a mid size game. Ms is trying to hard and it's making them look bad even though being born in the 80s I grew up during the 80s and 90s I know ms is shiesty

Fragslayer54d ago

Meh you all have your points but they just dont hold. Yes how they are acquiring exclusives should irritate some people. Im not rich and own almost every console made (long time hobby). But your points are moot I expected this to be a spectacle but in the end it should go through. Cause your the same people who have said Xbox sucks cause it has no exclusives blah blah blah. Now people are irritated that long established IPs potentially could be. If MS is smart they should keep COD multi plat I honestly don't see them not doing so. They aren't jumping out the gate with that cause maybe Sony and the rest of these hoops (FTC) will demand more I dunno honestly. Really MS just wants the Devs to compete cause if your saying Sony's exclusives arent better when you referred to MS argument your in Denial. Starfield you haven't lost anything its a new IP amd Sony would have done the SAME thing. Sony is to established to it any other way right now and MS is heavily invested. I accepted having to buy all the consoles to get everything I want. If this doesn't go through then the FTC and people like you are the problem in this world. Competition helps anything period especially gaming. The Sega Nintendo battle was epic and really gave us great stuff. COD i see staying multiplat and just hitting Gamepass cause clearly that's MS goldem goose. If not then sure its stupid and i feel for Sony loyalists but still don't think it ahould stop anything. I don't see you anyone saying its bs Sony is keeping FF off Xbox? I mean they just started getting it the remake was supposed to come to and isn't... throwing stones is just stupid ill enjoy FF on my PS5 but some of my friends can't. If your REALLY thinking Sony is a victim in this your batcrap crazy period. Won't bother checking with replies cause its so dumb im just sick of seeing these same responses to this. Just buy a Xbox to and welcome to 2022 forward. They even made it easy for you the the S bye bye now.

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Godmars29056d ago

How is asking for examples of how the franchise is doing on Playstation consoles prior to the sale going to prove the sale wont effect anything?

Asplundh55d ago

The idea isn't to prove whether or not it will effect Sony, it's to determine just how much it would effect them. Microsoft is hoping that it will show that Sony would be in a healthy position even without ActiBlizz games.

shinoff218356d ago

Orchy I don't think you know what your talking about just green knighting

SoulWarrior56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

"woe is me" when the one trying to acquire is spouting a loud of rubbish painting themselves as the poor little 2 trillion company that can't compete unless they can start a monopoly? :(

MS have done nothing but lie to get this pushed through, inflating Sony's exclusives, making baseless assumptions regarding the exclusity of some FF titles, playing themselves down as the little guy, already proving they can't be trusted, for example with Bethesda, first it was 3 years of CoD, then 10 years, then CoD will always ship on PS as long as it exists, which is it? All Phil does is lie and blow hot air.

Vengeance113856d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Don't you mean Microsoft's "oh woe is me, we desperately need to own Actiblizz to compete" MS is beyond playing wounded dog alot more than Sony.

crazyCoconuts56d ago

Does it have to go so far as bankrupt Sony for it to be considered "wrong"? Anyway, even with sales numbers, it's difficult to estimate how many people would leave Playstation if Minecraft, Doom, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein AND Call of Duty suddenly were no longer available on the platform. Probably wouldn't bankrupt them but I don't know if that makes it "right"

SurgicalMenace56d ago

Some people just don't get when to concede....

Christopher56d ago

Dumb move. They're essentially asking for insider info which isn't going to happen.

I honestly can't believe you're saying anything supportive of this request when the equivalent sharing of Microsoft info would prove how they spend even more money with lesser results based on known spending and Microsoft's claims of being unable to compete.

How amazing Microsoft was killing it and winning this geration with the Series X and Game Pass, let alone breaking their own records, but now Sony is too powerful to be stopped and without ActiBlizz they can't compete.

1Victor55d ago

@christ “Dumb move. They're essentially asking for insider info which isn't going to happen. ”

I don’t think so it’s a smart move if they can learn how to manage their studios from Sony papers as they hope to, not knowing that the secret sauce is not on the papers it’s in their trust on their developers and the freedom they give them.
I can give you the recipe for my amaretto cheese cake after trying it but that doesn’t means you’ll have the experience to make it as good

SullysCigar55d ago

It is dumb.

They're essentially asking for their biggest competitor to be legally required to divulge inside information on how they plan to compete in the coming years.

You've got to expect that to rankle the CMA...

Hofstaderman56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

@ MrNinosan;Them goal posts not even moved to another field, they on another field in a galaxy located in alternate universe on a divergent timeline.

S2Killinit56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

MS gas been lying left and right just get this passed. I mean have at least a shred of decency for god’s sake. Trying to take multiplats.

notachance55d ago

looking at how people like you zealously defend XB even when they’re doing shit like this, I’m pretty sure they’re a religion or something.

Even Nintendo got lambasted to hell by their fans with mediocre console like Wii U, yet XB with 2 straight gens of shitty libraries still managed to have a devoted fan like you, truly amazing leadership from Phil.

curtain_swoosh55d ago

u say that about sony
but ms is 'woe is me, we cant survive without exclusived so we need to buy them" stance.

55d ago
giovonni55d ago

The title is nothing more but click bait, and to cause emotional reactions. Orchard you are correct, this is a smart move by Microsoft because it forces Sony to come to court and prove their statements. The title makes it seem like MS is asking for Sony’s help. When it’s really a request to come to court and prove your statements.

Hofstaderman55d ago

I’ve never seen so many disagrees…I think we have a record here

ChiefofLoliPolice55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

"Oh woe is me"

That's literally MS defense of this. Their ONLY defense.

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jonny89756d ago

lol, no company will fall into such a trap and disclose internal details. Desperate Microsoft lawyers should try something else.

Orchard56d ago

It's not really a trap they can simply avoid though, you're legally required to answer a subpoena (unless the court overrides it).

shinoff218356d ago

Your lawyer can also get the subpoena canceled under bs

SurgicalMenace56d ago

No company can force the disclosure of privileged information from a rival company unless there's proof of fraud, tampering, or damage caused.

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ConsoleAgnostic55d ago

How is this desperate? Sony is openly contesting the acquisition and absolutely should be called to answer questions. Let's be real here, if this was reversed and Sony was buying Activision, 90% of this site would be jumping for joy. In addition, Sony would 100% not allow any of Activision's games on other console. 🤦

SullysCigar55d ago

And yet Bungie is now owned by Sony and they've openly confirmed they will never take the Destiny franchise from Xbox...go figure.

"Let's be real here" - yeah, lets: do you think asking for your main competitor to divulge their future competitive strategies is good form and that the FTC will see it that way? Or the CMA? If you do, you probably also thought it was wise for the MS lawyers to publicly accuse the FTC of acting against the constitution lol

BlackTar18755d ago

lol console that was a load of fan fiction

LoveSpuds55d ago

This from MS who point nrefuse to publish any details regarding sales etc.

I am sure I had previously seen an article that showed how much revenue COD made for each of the platforms? Regardless, it seems like the kind of data that MS could easily access now they are acquiring the publisher. As for Sony's finances, they publish those details annually so again, this seems like MS throwing their weight around to me.

FallenAngel198456d ago

I had to do a spit take when I read the headline

My side hurts from laughing so hard

SullysCigar55d ago

I lmao too! It's actually pathetic at this stage and yet you'll still get people saying things like, "oh yeah, smart move, the bestest lawyers, 5D chess, checkmate biaatch"!

Utterly deluded.

Godmars29056d ago

Can't tell if that desperate, or trying to trap a rival in hypocrisy

AuraAbjure56d ago

Sony owes Microsoft one. Sony contracting with Microsoft to use their Azure Cloud services helped both Sony and Microsoft edge Google out of the console gaming market. I recognize that both parties Microsoft and Sony benefitted from that alliance, like how every alliance works.

BehindTheRows56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Sony owes them nothing. That's not even how business works.

"You 'contracted' with us, so you should help us in our legal fights? Did Microsoft ever help Sony in any legal battles?

Godmars29056d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Means nothing. Especially when Sony pays to use them.

And neither of them did nothing to Google. They messed that up all on their own.

If anything, if MS held console rivalry against Sony for using their servers, how would THAT be a massive red flag in letting MS have COD? Buying up major 3rd parties in general?

Christopher56d ago

Sony paid Microsoft for services so Sony owes Microsoft for helping Microsoft earn money?

jlove4life56d ago

Russia was an ally of US in World War 2 how did that pan out oh wait the cold War and now Ukraine an ally today can be an a hole enemy tomorrow says history

AuraAbjure55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

@Christopher That Azure business venture between Sony and Microsoft helped Sony more than Microsoft because the PlayStation Now service clinched the cloud gaming market for home consoles. Xbox Cloud gaming can stream straight to cell phones w/o an intermediary, unlike PlayStation Remote Play which does require an intermediary i.e. at least an owned console, or a computer and SteamLink. In an alternate reality where PlayStation Now didn't have the power of Azure to allure prospective customers away from Stadia, Stadia would still exist, and it would be eating into PlayStation's lunch. Meanwhile, Xbox would still be capable of competing directly with Stadia, thanks to Azure.

IRetrouk55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Azure wasn't used, they went with amazon again....
A memorandum of understanding is not an alliance, its an agreement to talk about one, it clearly went nowhere as sonys still using aws.

Christopher55d ago

*** That Azure business venture between Sony and Microsoft helped Sony more than Microsoft because the PlayStation Now service clinched the cloud gaming market for home consoles.***

Pardon me?

gerbintosh55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Lets be real here. MS and Sony did not take Google out of the gaming market, Google did that to themselves with their horrible business model

Angyobangyo55d ago

No they don’t. They using a service the Ms offers and are paying to use it just like ASOS, Airbnb, Coca Cola, Dell, Expedia, General Motors, HSBC, Hilton, Nike, Oracle, and Starbucks.

AuraAbjure55d ago

@IRetrouk Sony never even incorporated Azure into their network? Well if that's a matter of fact, then my OP is incorrect hah.

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