A Remaster of The Simpsons Hit & Run? Yes Please

It's time for Homer to get back behind the wheel.

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chicken_in_the_corn62d ago

No, thanks. They need to make a new game instead. They could do alot more with the advanced tech.

jambola62d ago

You know they could do both right?
It's not like it's some rule they could only do one or the other ?

VenomUK62d ago

The Simpsons Hit & Run already has an unofficial remake made by a developer Reubs who has done it for fun.
The publisher should just get together with him. It would save them time and money and give him a financial reward for helping bring back the hype for what is one of the best GTA style games.

Orchard62d ago

We’ve been asking for this forever and while I would love it, I doubt we’ll get it.

Chuck it onto the “needs a remake” list alongside MGS etc.

Profchaos62d ago

I'd love it but it's in licensing hell by all accounts. Seems rights are tied up everywhere including now defunct companies.

shinoff218362d ago

I'd prefer a new Simpsons game. Hit and run while fun relied to much on racing. Eh. To this day I would love for them to just make a straight up open world Simpsons game. So much could be done it would be dope af. Last I knew ea had game rights. Good luck

With emphasis on the planet and that these days. A captain planet open world game could be dope af to.

oIMyersIo62d ago

No thank you.
I think this is massively viewed with rose tinted glasses.
I picked up a PS2 again a couple of years back and Hit&Run was one of the games I got alongside it. Yeah…rose tinted glasses.

shinoff218362d ago

It was the time though, it was good and fun.

oIMyersIo62d ago

Absolutely, definitely was one of my most played PS2 games alongside San Andreas & SOCOM.

Some game should stay in their respective generation.

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