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After a 6-month delay, Forspoken, formerly known as Project Athia, is Square Enix’s new attempt at a high fantasy role-playing game. With the demo released last month eliciting mixed reactions, will Square Enix be able to disprove the naysayers- or are they correct?

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Terry_B536d ago

Going to get it in a year via ps+ or Humble Choice I guess.


Most Disappointing Game of 2023

VGChartz's Craig S: "Who doesn't love a good dose of schadenfreude every now and then? There was no shortage of that on offer in terms of video games last year, hidden in plain sight amongst the more genuine disappointments (I'll leave it for you to decide which category each of the following games falls into).

One unfortunate trend when it comes to the biggest disappointments of the last year was that so many were new IPs, including Bethesda's latest major release Starfield, the Arkane Studio B-team's abortive attempt at a co-op vampire shooter, and Square Enix's action RPG Forspoken. Mega-franchise Call of Duty and the perennially delayed The Lord of the Rings: Gollum round out the list of Nominees."

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Profchaos172d ago

I think disappointing and bad are not the same thing.

The article calls out lotr Gollum that was not disappointing it was bad

Redfall is both disappointing and bad.

starfield, MW3 sure disappointing.

But if I was to add some disappointments of the year I'd add

firewall ultra absolutely a dumpster fire that killed the studio.

007 goldeneye the port of the N64 game it's disappointing as we didn't get the rare remaster version and the switch version has very poor controls.

Rdr was not the remake we wanted a simple port that didn't even run at 60 fps on launch on ps5

Jedi survivor Just broken on day 1

coolbeans171d ago

-"The article calls out lotr Gollum that was not disappointing it was bad"

I personally fall on the 'Gollum disappointing' spectrum. Here's why: even though Daedalic Entertainment was hopping out of their point-n-click lane, they *were* a solid group of devs that had an unexpected concept. Those two things, cheering on a dev taking a risk with a brand and the odd-yet-intriguing template, at least made me hope for something decent; instead, it's the reason they're only publishing now.

CBaoth171d ago

But the concept never stood a chance, even in the heyday of the Metal Gear/Splinter Cell days. When this was announced, no one was intrigued by its premise. Fell flat on its face. Even if Gollum had come out to glowing reviews the game would've struggled to perform financially. That's why it's not disappointing, just bad. Had no hype. All the other games Prof listed had the potential to sell great or be reviewed better but failed. Low effort remasters like the GTA collection, the RDR port, and MGS Collection could all sell well but still be severely disappointing. Gollum was uninteresting at concept, terrible in its execution. The result was expected sadly.

Sephiroushin69d ago

I don’t know but i don't even would put Gollum on a disappointment list, those list would be for games people expected much more than what they delivered and most people expected Gollum to be bad!

-Foxtrot171d ago

Goldeneye is so weird

We got no proper remaster for it despite the fact it was being worked on and it was almost done apparently then the Xbox version didn't come with online play but the Nintendo Switch one did...the Switch...the system where online play is a f***** ballache.


RhinoGamer88172d ago

I recently came back to Redfall, my lord...the controls and movement were a disgrace! I felt like my character was drunk. Zero fine movement control. The XBOX producers on this game should be fired.

OtterX172d ago

I think Diablo IV deserves to be on this list. While not the worst made game, it was one of the most disappointing. Many of us had such high expectations for it and it turned out to be so incredibly dull, a slog to play.

Sonic1881171d ago

It's basically Diablo Immoral 2.0 with lots of microtransactions

DarkZane171d ago

Diablo 3 was as much as a dumpster fire at launch, but a year later, it became a very good game and was well worth playing. Give Diablo 4 the same time. In a year, it's going to be awesome I bet.

coolbeans171d ago

I was under the impression their most-recent update fits that bill.

OtterX171d ago

K I'll try reinstalling in a year or 2.

I didn't play D3 until after the first year, so I will certainly give it another shot.. especially to try and get my money's worth out of it. But at launch, I was bored out of my mind and uninstalled it.

Sonic1881170d ago

That's the biggest issue. Unfinished games with lots of flaws and issues during launch. Unfortunately, most gamers don't forget or forgive that and would rather spend their money on another game

jznrpg171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Jedi Survivor was disappointing for me because I waited until a month ago to play it and it still has major issues. My saves were getting corrupted so I had to restart an old save however many times and a plethora of other bugs.

Of course there is Redfall Starfield but to me it’s MS overhype underdeliver so I expected it to some extent but not as bad as it was.

Gollum had little to no expectations.

Forspoken was a disappointment but not as bad as it was made out to be especially if you turned on Japanese voice acting. It was a 7 type of game but it looked like it could have been better.

Diablo 4 was scored well at launch but all my friends that loved and played 3 (after years of swasons) up until 4 were disappointed with 4 and don’t play it anymore .

Factions getting canceled was a bit of a disappointment. Not huge as I don’t play gaas much but it was disappointing.

Nintendo not releasing Switch 2 again was disappointing to me. I don’t use my Switch much it’s just so outdated and mosty kiddy games release some more games that I want to play not my kids!

No physical copy for Alan Wake 3 disappointing as hell, actually beyond that it is upsetting (to some extent,I will live of course)

Gamers getting used to owning nothing and renting games is very disappointing. I don’t watch Netflix anymore it’s mosty mediocre crap and rental services will go that direction if allowed.

CBaoth171d ago

this whole gen has been a major disappointment to me. Least amount of gaming I've done since bar/clubbing days. Watching fanboys argue now is akin to a couple of kids fighting over the front seat of a short bus. They can't even argue over games anymore.....cuz there aren't any! With two of the console manufacturers "switching' over to x86 architecture we shouldn't be having these draughts but here we are. And the third happily chugs along selling games on decade old microchips with an OLED screen.

Profchaos171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

X86 is a shared architecture but both run different development pipelines so they still have to Dev for those consoles plus PC and Arm if a switch port is included.

None of this will reduce Dev times games are complex now probably more than they need to be honestly but if every studio takes 3 to 5 or even 10 years to bring out their big titles there's going to be many dry spells

On that note arm processing is far more efficient than x86 I think Nintendo is making the right call sticking with that and we will probably see Sony and Microsoft do the same next gen as more effort is being made to bring arm into desktop space lately

Profchaos171d ago

Being disappointed that Nintendo isn't releasing ultra violent games is like being disappointed that the the next GTA game is open world. Plus totk and Metroid prime remaster did come out this year that's about as violent as they will even get

Im pretty certain that one experiment in publishing devils third is one they would like to forget.

Plus all rumours for the switch 2 places it's release in 2024 they make killer numbers at Christmas if they announce they are making a switch 2 those sales dwindle and shareholders get upset. If a switch 2 doesn't release this year that's disappointing. And if third party's don't develop for it even more so there's zero garuntee they will

I agree gamers getting used to owning nothing is a huge disappointment I don't think many will go silently into that one though


I Hope 2024 Isn't As Bad For PC Ports As 2023 Was

Ahmed from eXputer writes "The quality of PC ports has been seeing a severe decline recently, and many gamers have had enough."

anast212d ago

Switch Forspoken with Redfall.

JEECE212d ago

It can be an unfortunate trend in our industry to lump games people were looking forward to that didn't end up meeting their expectations and were just okay (Forspoken) with games that are broken (Gollum) or little more than asset flips (The Day Before). If expectations (and price) had been set appropriately, Forspoken wouldn't even be that bad.