The 7 Best PSVR2 Games for Launch

With the PlayStation VR 2 launch rapidly approaching, here's the 7 best PSVR2 games you should be looking at day one.

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S2Killinit535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

I dont know about the “best” but Im having a hard time picking which ones to pick up first. Already have GT7 and thats a free upgrade, so that one is a must have thats already in the bag. Horizon is another I have to play.

The only game I really want ported over that has not yet been announced is Astrobot Rescue Mission.

SullysCigar535d ago

i watched Virtual Boys and Ryan said latest count is 45 launch games. What an awesome way to start a generation, already in the position to hunt out the hidden gems!

Collectively, it's a very high standard, diverse selection of games.

Neonridr535d ago

I ordered the Call of the Mountain bundle, so I will definitely be playing that. I own GT7 and RE8 so I am definitely looking forward to trying those as well.

It's not a launch title, but I am eagerly awaiting The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2.

TheBrainZ535d ago

If I'm paying over £500 for new state-of-the-art VR hardware I want shiny new games, Beat Saber is a 5-year-old PSVR game.

I'm far more interested in what's not on this list, like Song in the Smoke: Rekindled or Kayak VR. Definitely give Village a look though.

SullysCigar535d ago

Same. I do have some old faves though, so I'm glad they're getting free updates. Now I can sell my old PSVR and see some money back.

I'm definitely up for some Gran Turismo 7, as well.

Neonridr535d ago

I mean Beat Saber is still a fantastic game though, especially on the PC side where modding is easy and you can continually add new songs that the community creates. Plus it'll play 1000% better using the newer tech.

But I do agree that I want new experiences I couldn't already get on my PSVR or Index.

Thundercat77535d ago

The Kayak game, even when is not on the list, looks very interesting to me.


Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.49 Revealed: Eiger Nordwand to Return, Plus Six New Cars

A fan-favorite, PlayStation 3-era circuit is making its return to the Gran Turismo series, as Polyphony Digital has revealed that Eiger Nordward will be coming to GT7 in update 1.49 this month!

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purple1015d ago (Edited 5d ago )

this does look awesome, I remember playing a course like this in the snow? cant remember it was a long time ago now. I play gt7 most days to be honest, I range between C A - B S depending on if the penalty system goes my way or not grrr

Iceball20005d ago

Wow what an update, I saw the trailer yesterday and could believe what I was seeing. This is almost worthy of a Spec 3 title. I wonder what the change log contains.

OtterX4d ago

Gorgeous track and great lineup of cars! This will look incredible in VR

MrBaskerville4d ago

Wonder if there'll be new events as well?

IRetrouk4d ago

Yeah, they always add more with these updates, should get some new cafe menus too.

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iPhone release helps Resident Evil Village hit ten million sales

Resident Evil Villages sales numbers helped the videogame series hit a staggering 157 million sales 28 years after Resident Evil came out.

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CrashMania30d ago

Lol I doubt iPhone contributed much to that figure, the vast majority would have been PS5 and PC.

mastershredder29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Yeah, of course the mobile sites are going to make news out of the couple digit in-the-thousands or so downloads as a major contribution. The original story was that Village hit the 10 million mark across all the platforms, nice for mobile fans to take it up a serious notch like it was due on behalf of mobile.


Gran Turismo 7 update 1.48 features 5 new cars, Café Menu, and World Circuit Events

Latest update brings back a combination of JDM legends and classic Swedish designs.

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