VGGEN: Zoids Assault Review

VGGEN writes: "Do you remember Zoids? No? Don't worry, I'm sure not many people do. If you've never heard of Zoids, it's a Japanese toy line that consists of animal-like mechs that are exceedingly popular. It's spawned a few anime series, tons of manga, fanbooks, and unfortunately, games. In the eighties the toy line was released in America, but didn't catch on as well as planned. A couple years back Zoids made another Stateside debut with an anime series on Cartoon Network, as well as a line of models that you could collect and play with your friends every morning in the cafeteria. Like many fads, its popularity waned, and eventually faded into the background. Now, in 2008, Atlus has made the decision to release Zoids Assault for the Xbox 360, in a move that both baffles and repulses me, because this could very well be one of the worst Atlus titles-or out of any game I own, for that matter-ever."

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