Why You Should Play the Original Final Fantasy VII Before Rebirth

The original Final Fantasy VII might seem a bit dated, but playing it is key to understanding its hype and the story of its sequels and remake.

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MeteorPanda13d ago

Still have the entire story etched into my mind, lm good ^ ^

curtain_swoosh13d ago

same haha i play the og every year

IanTH13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I could probably stand to try it again. My first FF was 8 (fluke, friend got it as a gift & gave it to me since he didn't like RPGs). I missed 9, and then played X and practically every version since.

I tried to go back to 7 & 9 in the PS2 era, but had a hard time getting into them. I still can play a decent chunk of 8, but I never tend to past maybe halfway. Pretty sure nostalgia is doing the heavy lifting there. But, as sacrilegious as it is, I still just can't get into 7 (or 9). I've gone back and played FFXII plenty of times, no problem, but I do struggle going back to PS1 for *some* RPGs (plenty of other retro stuff I go back for).

Think that's also why I didn't have any issues with FFVII Remake. I didn't have that nostalgia & feeling of ownership over a part of my youth that was being twisted or tainted. I'd be curious as to how I'd feel if *somehow* the same treatment was ever given to FF8.

electroblood13d ago

Nope. It was a masterpiece at the time, now its clunky and hard to deal with. The story was excellent, almost as good as VI, but not worth the pain of playing the original to catch every little detail.

curtain_swoosh13d ago

to each their own i guess.

i still love it. i dont find it clunky at all.

FinalFantasyFanatic12d ago

I still find it more entertaining and engrossing than some modern games, I've even gone back to play Xenogears on the PS3 and having a good time with it.

navi8713d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I'm currently playing it right now on my phone whilst I'm visiting in India. It's still a sick game!
Tbh I'm skipping all the story/dialogue...I'm more interested in getting great weapons/accessories via stealing and collecting enemy skills, i never bothered with them back in the day

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