The Last of Us Part 1 sales jumped 238% after TV show launch | UK Boxed Charts

Gamesindustry: "We have our first new No.1 in the UK Boxed Charts, and it is Nintendo with its turn-based strategy RPG Fire Emblem Engage. The title's launch sales are 31% lower than what its predecessor managed (2019's Fire Emblem Three Houses). The biggest riser of the week is The Last of Us Part 1, which returns to the charts at No.20 with a 238% spike in sales week-on-week. The game has been boosted by the new TV series based on the title, which is available to view in the UK via Sky Atlantic."

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Nyxus455d ago

That was to be expected, wondering how well it keeps selling as the show runs.

SullysCigar455d ago

Lol yep, this was always going to happen if the show turned out any good - and people are raving about it.

I'm hoping they'll take the opportunity, while the world is listening, to give us an information dump (and maybe a release date) for the Last of Us multiplayer game they're working on.

VenomUK455d ago

I actually checked this out on Amazon Uk & US and also saw the PS4 games near the top of the charts but there was No way to quantify how well exactly. But it goes to slow how a popular TV adaptation, like Witcher and Cyberpunk Edgerunners can boost the sales of the original game. Some people complained loudly about why Sony even bothered or that it was not a free upgrade - this demonstrates that the Last of Us Part 1 is attractive to people new to the franchise.

outsider1624455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

You watched episode 2 yet? I did not expect the opening minutes of it..

VenomUK455d ago

@Outsider1624 NO, I haven't seen it yet! I live in the UK so have to wait until Monday night. Shuussssh no hints!

myfathersbastard455d ago

I imagine there will be a jump every week. Most likely smaller each week, but def a bump after each episode.
I’m so glad more people will give the games a go. Just means we’ll get Part 3 a little sooner.
(I know some of y’all have strong feelings about 2. But I loved it. Even if I didn’t like aspects of it. I enjoyed the game as much as the 1st)

neutralgamer1992455d ago

Glad more people are experiencing the true TLOU which was co directed by Bruce Staley and first games quality is way above what the 2ns game could offer (with it's agenda based story)

dumahim455d ago

Seems like prices are going up on ebay for stuff too. Someone was trying to find a steelbook case for the first one, and I was going to suggest the survival edition, but complete ones were >$200. It was the case, art book, comic and digital stuff (Soundtrack, theme, and avatars) for $80.

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roadkillers455d ago

Great game, hopefully they drop Factions soon

S2Killinit455d ago

I think that’s what will happen. Although its hard to tell exactly when that would be.

GamingSinceForever455d ago

Figured that much.

This will continue until the week after the final episode.

Killer73nova455d ago

Haven’t played the first one since it came out for the ps4. Just watching the first episode made me want to replay it to just see how well they stick to the game and the environment

jznrpg455d ago

The first one came out for PS3 had a remaster for PS4 and there’s a remake version for PS5