The Last of Us Part 1 leads wave of new releases | UK Boxed Charts

The Last of Us is once again the No.1 best-selling game at UK retail, thanks to the launch of this year's Part 1 remake for PlayStation 5.

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darkrider677d ago

Of course it's first. Only some here thought it wouldn't. One of the best games is even better and just 20 millions played it. There are tons who didn't. With the HBO series coming, this game will selleven more

InUrFoxHole677d ago

Literally haven't seen anyone on this website say this game won't top the list of selling games. What I have seen is people tiered of rehashing the same crap then taking multi-player away, adding a $10 price hike. Not to mention if you want to play it on the ps5 outside of the US it'll be $50 more for the console. That's what I've heard... but hey I'm just a gamer

jznrpg677d ago (Edited 677d ago )

I’ve seen a bunch of people here saying it would bomb . It won’t sell as many copies the first time around I would guess but it will do well .

darkrider677d ago (Edited 677d ago )

Literally all of one faction have told that. They wish that. What gamers are tired is crap. Nothing more. Choice. You can buy or not. It's an amazing game, one of the best with more then 200 awards, that's even better. And now are all salty because its a hit at full price. But, but, but. Excuses. Anybody that isn't blind by the stupid console war would see this coming. And it will sell even more when the HBO series starts.

SullysCigar676d ago

They're not going to want people playing the old multiplayer when they have a whole new game in the works with that focus. It would cannibalise their own player base.

The price is too high for me too, but I'll be picking it up once it's a little lower. I can appreciate the work they've put into this. They've also included Left Behind which came out after the initial release. It's very possible many missed it as a result and it's a chunky extra slice that's awesome in it's own right.

InUrFoxHole676d ago

I'm the same. I'll be picking it up at a lower price point. Tiered of being gouged by companies. As for those who have seen this kind of shade... Do they want the game to fail because it's a Sony game or because of the price point? This game is a 10/10 but not worth $70 imo

SpineSaw676d ago

You mean the Xbot crowd that's crying about a $10 increase to game prices and the PS5 price hike? The people that are crying over those trivial things would never pkay TLOU Remake nor purchase a PlayStation console and neither of those price hikes seems to be hurting PlayStation not even a little.

outsider1624676d ago

Those people tired of the same crap have a choice. How hard is that? I thought the price is bit much so I'm not buying it. Having played the original and remastered, I'll still get this but on sale.

TheEroica676d ago

And Bingo was his Name-o... Well said FoxHole...

shinoff2183675d ago

Im sure the price hike on the ps5 were needed for some reason or the other. Maybe parts went up in price. I dont think sonys sitting around like damn how can we make a 50 extra off these ps5s. Sony the same company that sold ps3s at a huge loss for quite sone time mind you is really trying to nickel and dime you. Yall beating a dead horse for no reason. Chill the f out and go jump on gamepass.

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sparky77677d ago

Dude it sold less than the PS5 version of Saints Row so I wouldn't say it did well, the opposite in fact.

-Foxtrot677d ago

Yeah people here are really not reading the article

Either that or they are taking what they want to hear from it

It sold less than Saints Row which was being shit on a bit before the awful launch

IRetrouk677d ago (Edited 677d ago )

Sold half on one platform of what saints row did on 5 not ps5 only, not sure where ya pulled that one from lol
Saints row was also launched on a Tuesday and tlou on a Friday...

sparky77677d ago


You are wrong 55% of all sales of Saints Rows were on PS5, so I will repeat TLOU sold less that the PS5 version of Saints Row. Which is bad no matter how you try to spin it, unless Saints Row numbers are the new bar for PS exclusives.

IRetrouk677d ago

And I will repeat its sold around half of Saints rows numbers on 1 platform vs 5....
Seems like they sold around the same to me, not less, are ps fans not allowed to buy multiple games? And again, I'll repeat, saints row had more days counted for sales than tlou did, it done fine, no amount of you spinning is gonna change that.

sparky77677d ago

Fair enough "around half" could very will be more than 55% but that's still not great, since Saints Rows sold badly anyway.

To me this is bad for Sony's $70 remake, especially since they rely on games sales as opposed to subscriptions or MTX. But if Saint's Row is the new bar for PS sales I guess they will be fine.

677d ago
IRetrouk677d ago (Edited 677d ago )

Sold badly according to who though? What's the numbers?
Why would saints row be the bar when tlou is already performing better? Tlou sold as much in one day and saints row did in 4.. so to state the bar is saints is silly..

darkrider677d ago

Dude, sony exclusives sell good for months and months and months. I know it's hard to see it on top. But others with new games weren't able to do even that...

derek676d ago

Pay no attention to sparky and others like him who have become obsessed with seeing naughty dog fail.

SullysCigar676d ago

You can't win them all, sparky. Tough day for you, but on the plus side people are enjoying TLOU P1 despite all your worrying. Be happy for them.

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SoulWarrior677d ago (Edited 677d ago )

It'll have legs, especially when the price comes down a bit, same can't be said for the mediocre Saints Row I don't think.

Eonjay677d ago

This makes sense and Sony it. I'm not buying it at $70 but at 30-40 I probably will. And being though I played the original, I can wait for a sale.

lonewolf10677d ago

"Only some here thought it wouldn't. "

Point out those posts

CaptainHenry916677d ago

And this is the reason why Sony will continue to be greedy and increase prices for everything. They know their games will sell

677d ago
CaptainHenry916677d ago

Microsoft is doing a lot better for their consumer and user base than Sony right now. They definitely ain't increasing the price of their consoles.

darkrider677d ago

And this is why Sony keeps making great games and doesn't need to buy publishers because others can't make a single blockbuster in the last two Gen...

CaptainHenry916677d ago

You keep dodging the greediness of Sony 😂😂 I expect it to get worse

derek676d ago

Sorry Captain but Microsoft has been an abject failure this gen like they were last. They can't even get Halo right after 5 years of development. They have numerous studios on top of 2 publishers and had no releases at launch or for 22. Lol Nothing coming out noteworthy from them next year did they have a hand in creating. They can talk about value all they want but people want games not talk which is all Microsoft has been delivering.

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blackblades677d ago

There the niche community, they can talk the talk but falls flat when it comes to millions other gamers out there compare to a few players on here.