This Is The Warno Competitor We Needed!

This is the "Warno" competitor we've all needed for a long time!

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Great article! Game looks interesting


Frost Giant Studio secures $20 Million investment for RTS

Developers Frost Giant Studio and publisher Kakao Games team up in strategic partnership to bring out exciting next-gen RTS game

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The ultimate world war III battle simulator “WARNO” is now available via Steam Early Access

"The France-based indie games developer Eugen Systems today announced with great pride and delight that their ultimate world war III battle simulator “WARNO” (the spiritual successor to Wargame) is now available for PC via Steam Early Access." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


WARNO Has A Bright Future, Despite Its Rough Edges | Cultured Vultures

Eugen's strategy game has a long way to go before it's ready, though what's here already is pretty compelling.

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