Perfect Dark's Development Troubles Highlight Growing Pains

The prolonged development cycle for the Perfect Dark reboot demonstrates the difficulty in reviving a classic espionage IP in the modern era.

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rlow1551d ago

I just want to see more about this game. After this much time, it better be good. Because after Halos debacle launch, Xbox can’t have another one of those.

Number1TailzFan551d ago

Yeah, i really enjoyed Goldeneye 64 and Perfect Dark as well back in the day, but after getting into PC gaming in 99 it's just so hard to play some games with a controller, FPS games being the obvious #1 target here. Can't wait to see what it's like, here's to hoping it stays true to the original and i might have to get it on PC, especially if it has decent online multiplayer on top of a great campaign.

mark_parch549d ago

What do you mean 'all this time' it only got revealed 2 years ago.

Crows90550d ago

No debacle?

Remember fable legends? Crackdown 3? Scale bound? Halo 5? Sea of thieves is just another live service that had really poor support. I'd say most of their games have been a debacle....don't think that'll change soon.

1Victor550d ago (Edited 550d ago )

@crows and that’s the reason along with the monopoly why I’m afraid of Microsoft buying ABK

Microsoft is horrible at managing studios and we are supposed to believe that a miracle will happen and they’re going to have all those amazing games coming down the pipeline monthly with all the bells and whistles of the generations

porkChop549d ago

Fair point with most of those, except for Sea of Thieves. I can't agree with that. As someone's who's actually played the game, it factually did not have "poor support". It launched with far too little content but it didn't stay that way. Tons of content and QoL improvements have been added to the game since then. It's not quite a NMS turnaround but it's far better support than gamers usually get.

Workshyskiver549d ago

Sea of Thieves has had poor support? What on earth are you talking about, its one of the best supported live service games there is.

sadraiden549d ago

@1victor not like AB is doing well with their studios themselves. turning every game into a f2p model, hoping for whales to save your company, isn't a great plan.

Lightning77549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

"Sea of thieves is just another live service that had really poor support."

You know how many expansions that game has? It has quite a bit so how is it getting "poorly supported"

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Jin_Sakai549d ago

What a shit show over at Xbox Studios. Everything seems to be in turmoil at this point.

-Foxtrot551d ago

I just think after Halo it makes you think about their other games

Perfect Dark has had development troubles

Rare has shown us nothing on Everwild and lets be honest Sea of Thieves wasn't all that great

Gears of War seems to be missing in action, this was a massive franchise for them next to Halo

State of Decay 3 is still missing

Fable is another

I mean don't get me wrong we still have Redfall, Avowed, Starfield, The Outer Worlds 2 etc but these were things already being developed by Zenimax's studios before being bought.

shinoff2183551d ago

Starfield outer worlds and state of decay are about what I'm looking forward to. O and can't forget fallout way way down the line

Outside_ofthe_Box551d ago

"but these were things already being developed by Zenimax's studios before being bought."

Hence why Microsoft is buying established multiplatform studios with their own long term foundation that way there's no way in hell they can mess those up unless a grest number of key people leave.

mkis007549d ago

Yes but what comes next? Does MS have the managerial talent to start something rather than just coming in after it has begun? With this many studios?

sparky77550d ago

Sea of Thieves is Rare's most successful game and one of the few GaaS successes in recent times. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's not a great game.

-Foxtrot550d ago

It’s not a good game, it took them years to get it to a point which is acceptable

The launch was awful

If you like barebone shit fair enough but most of us don’t

sparky77550d ago

It is a good game or no one would still be playing it after all these years.

Fortnite was terrible at launch look at it now.
No Mans Sky was terrible at launch look at it now.
FF14 was terrible at launch look at it now.

And on and on and on.

Most GaaS games suck at the start but the good ones find their way and succeed like SoT. You don't have to like GaaS, most hardcore gamers who are on these sites don't, but saying SoT is a flop and a bad game is just an out right lie.

sadraiden549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

GaaS is a cancer on gaming. It's a shitty business model meant to separate you from your cash in insidious, come-back-tomorrow-for-even-mo re-exploitation ways.

If you like it, fine, but yeah, they're not actually good games.

Rude-ro549d ago

The only “perceived” success of that game was Microsofts paid streamer sponsorships and kids who watched them.

RedDevils549d ago

"doesn't mean it's not a great game." Yeah, it's a shit game.

tbagmonster549d ago

foxtrot, what are you getting elswhere thats better, gas games dont exist on playstation excpet the ones that are everywher else

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Sonic1881550d ago (Edited 550d ago )

Hellblade as well. How long has it been? They are probably still in the early stages

Lightning77549d ago

Speculation it'll be out late this year.

Lightning77549d ago


I do heavy research all across the internet all the time I don't just sit on here for info because they don't post juicy rumors or even certain news here you'll miss out on ALLOT of news if this this is the only site you use. At least that's what I noticed. Always scour the internet for info and news not just N4G.

The game started in 2019 it'll be 4 years in development later this year. That's why I was confused on your statement on the game being early development. Unless the game had dev issues but I haven't heard anything like that so far.

Sonic1881549d ago

That's a rumor not official release date

Lightning77549d ago

That's why I called it "speculation " it's definitely not in early development no matter how bad you want it to be.

Sonic1881549d ago

"Definitely not in early development no matter how bad you want it to be."

Why would I want that? 🤔🤔

Lightning77548d ago

Because the info was obvious. Why would it be early stages? That makes no sense.