Bruce Straley Wasn't Credited in HBO's The Last of Us, Calls for Unionization

Bruce Straley, one of the veteran game directors responsible for The Last of Us and its Left Behind expansion (not to mention much of the Uncharted series), has called for unionization in the video games industry. Straley was not credited for his role in shaping the setting and characters featured in HBO's hugely popular adaptation, with Neil Druckmann and Craig Maizin being awarded official writing credit.

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masterfox138d ago

Well that effing sucks, probably he was the reason why TLOU part 1 was so damn amazing gameplay and story wise, saying this because the horrendous story turn that TLOU part 2 did with Neil.

VenomUK138d ago

Bruce Straley was the co-director with Neil Druckmann so he was instrumental in making The Last of Us into the successful game that it was. A game's creation is not just from the script but from the direction. Regardless of whether he fell out with Druckmann & Naughty Dog or not Straley should've been credited on the programme, its manners. Respect for its co-creator.

-Foxtrot138d ago

Exactly. I don't know why anyone would call Bruce and be so awful when all he seemed to want was a "special thanks" or something. Neil through all the PR marketing for the show has NEVER mentioned Bruce once, the way he comes off makes it that it was only him who directed it and all ideas were his. We've seen plenty of interviews and AMA on Reddit that it's not the case

I don't see how anyone can be against this, not like he's slandering everyone on twitter or something. He hardly talks about Neil or ND at all.

Crows90138d ago

Neil doesn't mention Bruce because he was pissed with the stuff he was held back from doing with the first game.

The first game was good because of Bruce NOT Neil. Read up on what Neil's ideas for the first game were....would not have been nearly as incredible.

Bruce is the reason the IP is famous and successful. Neil would've destroyed the story of the first game.

Sony's hasn't realized it but Neil is a negative to naughty dog not a positive. They'll find out soon though.

tay8701137d ago

@crow. Dude you are delusional. Neil is fantastic and xbox would kill to have someone like him on their team. You do realize he has major roles is all of naughty dogs best games right? Uncharted 2, uncharted 4, the last of us, thr last of us 2

mkis007137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

You people sure are going out on a limb taking all credit away from Neil for his contributions. Straley has made what since then? I mean this was his original idea

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Christopher138d ago

While unions have their own bureaucratic issues, this is better than the system in place and benefits employees more than employers in the end. But, the gig economy is what is really harming the developer industry right now.

neutralgamer1992138d ago

Neil is a jackass TBH. So full of himself and his agendas. Bruce kind of kept him in check and that's why TLOU felt amazing and his departure shows

Angyobangyo137d ago

You’re projecting too much. This has nothing to do with your flakey feelings about the story. Take one step back and look at what is being said, it’s crediting people who contribute to the final product regardless of you like it or not.

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-Foxtrot138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

I don't even think he's asking for much, just a credit would have done

He helped with the story and world, that's the least he could have done. It's nice to just get a "special thanks to" credit.

I'm surprised he's said something, he's been quiet about NaughtyDog, Neil and TLOU since he left dropping only little hints on Twitter or liking comments.

porkChop138d ago

He's mentioned that his relationship with Naughty Dog is "strained". Seems like he was butting heads with Druckmann and that's likely why he left.

-Foxtrot138d ago

I think the same happened with Amy Hennig

Nolan has maybe a comment about her being dismissed

Then Richard did..."Replaced" and "Not Her Choice"

Just seems funny to me but I'm more surprised that no one has really picked this up, it was all speculation and now it's pretty much like "Yeah she was replaced, not her decision"

Imalwaysright138d ago

Helped? Straley and Druckmann co-directed TloU but of the two, Straley was the senior director and he was chosen to lead the project. Straley had the final word during TloU development and I have no doubt that TloU2 would have gone in a completely different way had he remained at ND and I say this because the story that Druckmann had originally planned for TloU was basically the blueprint for TloU 2 story.

""Originally in the story Tess took more of a villain role," Druckmann explained in the latest issue of Game Informer (thanks, Videogamer). "Tess was betrayed by Joel and took on a mission to pursue him across the country. That storyline never worked out. The storyline shifted and Tess took on this role where she became more of a believer and she helped motivate Joel.""

And Bruce shot down this idea

-Foxtrot138d ago

Another little bit of info about him reusing ideas cut from the first game is even the Zebra Jerry helped save in Part II

The Giraffe in the original was supposed to be a Zebra

LucasRuinedChildhood138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Bruce was given a special thanks recently in the remake, and there's obviously a high chance that Neil did that given their relationship.

Millions are going to play the remake and see this, and it's about to come to PC too. The likelihood of an evil plan by Druckmann to downplay his contribution is ... very low.

Don't forget that, for years, Bruce and Neil were falsely blamed for pushing Amy out of Naughty Dog due to "forced gossip", as admitted by Mitch Dyer.

It was a fake story but many clinged onto it. Let's not do the same thing again.

I agree that it would be nice if Bruce was credited instead of it saying "Created by Naughty Dog" but it's more likely a combination of following reasons than "Darth Druckmann":

1) This approach may be for legal reasons (Sony, IP owner). Saying that Bruce and Neil are the creators could potentially open a case for them being entitled to royalties, as Bruce is advocating for.

2) It could also be a decision by HBO or Craig Mazin. TV shows usually just have a brief "Created by" screen for the original work and they stuck to that tradition. If Sony didn't want any individual to be credited as the creator, they'd also do as they're told.

Neil just isn't the person you portray him to be. For example, even though Sony has a bad relationship with Colin Moriarty due to pushback against his conservative politics and his fallout with KindaFunny, Neil doesn't care and gives him access to stuff anyway. He doesn't abandon his friends.

-Foxtrot138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Well he had to have something in Part I, they couldn't erase him completely but they did get rid of of the art director at the end so Neil could put his name down twice

" It was a fake story but many clinged onto it. Let's not do the same thing again"

Lol. I'm sorry but considering (like I've just posted above) that Amy was forced out when everyone at the time said she wasn't only for it now to be revealed she was. Who is to say there's a POSSIBILITY that they or one of them did have a say in it. Everytime you mentioned Amy people turned around and said she left by choice but now we have Nolan North and Richard McGonagle say she was forced out. Now everyone goes quiet.

"Neil just isn't the person you portray him to be"

Don't act like this is just me, I'm going off how he's been acting since Part II released, what am I and others supposed to do ignore them? Everytime people say things and show links backing up what they are saying, for example above, showing Neil clearly reused ideas from his rejected pitch for the original game it's met with disagrees because people don't want to believe it.

"Neil doesn't care and gives him access to stuff anyway"

And? It's not like he can do to Colin what he does to everyone else who has a different opinion to him and that's block them on Twitter or call them trolls.

SonyStyled137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

@Foxtrot. I noticed it when it happened. Bruce left after Part 1 (2013) and Amy before UC4 (2014). It’s nearly a decade after that now. The studio has since continued releasing top tier titles after Amy and Bruce. Druckmann enjoys the spotlight, which is well deserving to him, but the heart of ND is Evan. I think most would disagree under their 30’s

bnaked137d ago

Straley left after co-directing Uncharted 4.

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rlow1138d ago

Can’t agree more, the dirty secrets of the entertainment and video games industry.

Dirty_Lemons138d ago

Yup. It pisses me off. It's why these small indie studios with a few guys or girls who pour their heart and soul into a project and end up successful make me so happy. No backstabbing, no politics, no dickheads acting like they solo'd a project that alone would be nothing more than a fantasy in their head.

Big studios make some great games but it's so sad how people get treated.

Melankolis138d ago

Even on the scene project, modding, fansub, fantranslate, even with no money involved, the more people gather, the more the probability of a clash happen. That's just natural.

Deathdeliverer138d ago

If this is so, then get his name where it belongs. However, I do believe his name may be on the original work, the game itself. Since the show had to be rewritten to an extent, how much we don’t know, and he had nothing to do with THAT is probably why he isn’t given credit. When parts change it’s considered an entirely different work. Look at any movie that has an Asian version followed by the much later American version. The departed for example. It’s almost word for word at points. Still zero mention of any of the original writers.

Stanjara138d ago

When you do any kind of essay, for college let say, don't you have to credit original source that you use?

Even tho those people are not writing Your essay?

11 people that agree on your logic must have done doctorates I guess.

Deathdeliverer138d ago

We are not talking about an essay. They want you to put your sources so IF they want to fact check or make sure you didn’t word for word something instead of putting it in your own words for example. You’re one of those people that think how things work in SCHOOL is how they work in the real world. You thought you listed your sources to give them credit? Lol. You must have read ABOUT school cause you still don’t get it.

That being said, in the REAL world, movies like internal affairs are directly copied by the departed and because SOME things were rewritten, there’s zero credit given in the credits to the original. Martin Scorsese and William Monahan. Those are the writers for the departed. Alan Mac and Felix Chong wrote internal affairs. THAT is the real world. No mention.

CS7138d ago

What? You don’t just reinterpret someone else’s work without crediting them. That fact that 11 people upvoted you is insane.

Stanjara137d ago

Your logic is that stealing someone's work is normal.

The whole reason why we don't have MGS games remastered or ported is because creator and producer put his name on it: Hideo Kojima Game.

Now Konami doesn't want to credit the guy. That's the reason. It's not because Cell processor is impossible to port.

Doom music guy had the same problem.
Absolute talent that made Doom sound cool af.

Cuckman copied key scenes, from text to color grading and character position, but hey, they race swamped characters so it's not the same.

Legal team... are we good? Good.

This garbage happens I know, but don't defend it.

Deathdeliverer137d ago

Your reading comprehension is beyond me. I do not morally agree with it and if it’s owed to him, put his name where it belongs. I LITERALLY started with that. I then gave an example of other situations where things changed and the writer of the original was not given credit. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Now you’re talking about I’m defending it…. No, I gave examples of similar situations. On TOP of all that, the Kohima situation is because he made those games FOR Konami. Kind of how Salvatore made The legend of Drizzt FOR Dungeons and dragons or wizards of the coast. It’s THEIRS. Do I agree with it? No. In the real world do they care about morality? I think you know the answer. Stop looking for a fight and understand what you’re reading before you type. Please and thanks.

jznrpg136d ago

It was Neil’s idea to begin with

Stanjara137d ago

From You I understood that the show had to be rewritten, because it is a show, and since he is not on it... no credits and that's fine. Butts...
He made with Drunkboy original game, story and production wise, so...

It would be... idk... fair to give a credit for original material that the show is based on. (for story and production since that is really important for the show)

You than started giving scummy examples.

That is defending. But ok whatever.

I'm not giving WokeTodler another cent in my life. Can't wait for the cast of Abby man.

And I'm done with this garbage. You won. Hura for you. You're the best.

You know, people need to hear that more often.

You are solid, dude. Metal gear solid. Until someone takes credit for your work.

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Flawlessmic138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

His name is on the work he created which was the games.

Neil and Craig worked on the show, Nd as a whole are mentioned so that includes him unless people want the credits to include all of the people from naughty dog who worked on the games also lol

Standard fake outrage in this age we are living in, getting sick of on constant everyone's a victim of something, feel sorry for me.

It's happening so much now it's hard to feel sympathy for anyone as it's just people fishing cause they know in today's age cause we pander to it.

If that's the case then almost everyone who worked on it from start to finish should be on the credits aswell.

1 or 2 people don't make a game, it's 100s.

Neil is there as he is the only person from.nd working on the show simple as that.

lodossrage138d ago

I wouldn't call it fake outrage, but I will say he's fighting the wrong fight.

Would it be nice if he got a mention? sure. But it's not like he made the tv show. He helped with the first game, not the t.v. show.

It's like he has a good argument but he's fighting the wrong enemy here.

And it's not like he was the ONLY person left off credits for creating the franchise. Should they name every single person that made the first game in the show too?

Just think of how many franchises that have gone on to be tv shows and movies based off games. Do they name EVERYONE? No, they don't.

MadLad138d ago

I don't know.
He directed the project. The game is mostly known for the writing; and it's a pretty damn close adaptation from what I've seen so far. Without him we wouldn't have the Last of Us that they're basically mirroring within the show.

CantThinkOfAUsername138d ago

He was literally the game director. He's not some nobody.

Flawlessmic138d ago

I addressed that, give me an actual argument against my points.

He got credits on the game which he worked on.

Naughty dog is also listed as whole for creating the game which includes him.

Neil's name is only there because he helped on the show, if he didn't then his name wouldn't be there either, it would just say based off the game created by naughty dog lol

Silver_ShadoWolf137d ago

J.k Rowling name is on everything Harry Potter even if she don’t put in an ounce of effort

Deathdeliverer137d ago

It’s because she OWNS it all. She created the story for herself. She wasn’t a hired writer or something. The Harry Potter WORLD is hers. She hires Kojimas to make her games and create worlds for her. Then Kojima leaves and although he created and became famous for a world he built, he built it for her. She can ultimately do whatever she wants with “his” created world and not mention him at all on anything he didn’t have a “current” hand in making.