Pavlov - Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 Games

Pavlov launches on February 22, 2023.

porkChop135d ago

Pavlov is a lot of fun. It's basically Counter-Strike for VR.

S2Killinit135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Damn the games are rolling in fast for PSVR2

How does this compare to Firewall:Ultra?

ApocalypseShadow135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

They are coming in droves. Some didn't believe this when we told them. PS VR 2 has the power and controller support developers on PC were looking for. That PSVR lacked because of analog sticks and base PS4. Nothing is holding this headset back. It's getting exclusives, full hybrid games, better looking ports and better looking, updated PSVR games with many being free upgrades. The potential is real.

We'll find out soon when they pull the lid off of Firewall. But my guess is that it will look even more real than the PSVR version and run at a better clip. Will still be more strategic in the gameplay than COD running and gunning gameplay.

That's fine though. The original game was already enjoyable. But will miss the Aim support though. Would have worked well with a gun controller for Crossfire, Firewall, Pavlov, etc. We know more shooters will show up. It's a given.

S2Killinit135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Agree with you word for word.

PSVR2 has tech that even the highest non-gaming $1500 headsets out there dont have. Unlike first PSVR, this one is cutting edge. And everyone who owns a PSVR will own the same type of proper VR controllers, which means the developers arent risking making a game that not all players are able to play.

The tech is there and at a bargain price.

kryteris135d ago

this should hold out until firewall is ready.