What to Expect From the PSVR2 in 2023

PlayStation is set to have a pretty phenomenal 2023. Sony clearly has the upper hand when it comes to first-party exclusives, with Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy 16, and more releasing just for the PS5. But Sony doesn't just have software up its sleeve, as this year it also has the PlayStation VR2.

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rlow1128d ago

Content will be the driving force behind it. If they can keep consistent great content coming beyond 2023. Then they’ll do much better than the first iteration.

SullysCigar128d ago

They're at 39 games ready for launch, with one month to go. There are well over 100 titles already confirmed in development. Software support is looking great.

Going forward, we can expect day and date releases with PC VR / PSVR2 thanks to the inside out tracking and new controllers, so I fully anticipate regular games dropping for PSVR2 throughout it's lifecycle.

The eye-tracking combined with foveated rendering, 4k OLED HDR screens, haptics, adaptive triggers - not-to-mention comfort! - will likely lift PSVR2 versions above PC VR for quite some years. The Kayak VR devs have already said their games shines better on PSVR2 than anywhere else. Exciting times!

ocelot07128d ago

I know it's upto 3rd party Devs. But would be nice if likes of Hitman VR was ported over. Skyrim VR maybe even Fallout 4 VR considering it's coming to PS5 as well.

ApocalypseShadow128d ago

Games like Hitman 3 would be great. Even games like Skyrim. But with Microsoft purchasing many developers that released VR games on PSVR, it almost seems unlikely they would be allowed with Microsoft's game pass focus. But if they wanted to make more money on Sony's platform, they should.

ocelot07128d ago

It's possible as I said they are releasing Fallout 4 for PS5 this year. Plus I think it was last year or the year before they released Minecraft VR for PS4 so it's possible.

ApocalypseShadow128d ago

MO games. MO games. MO games.

They keep getting announced because of parity compared to PSVR with 180 degree tracking and lack of analog sticks.

Sony will have the games, the features and the power to outdo PSVR. Going to be glorious.