15 Big Games Coming To PS VR2

GB: "Sony's next-gen VR headset is launching next month and has several titles in the works that catch the eye."

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SullysCigar65d ago

It really is an awesome line up - SO many top games.

Got to say though, after RE7 in VR I saved myself for RE Village, so I can't wait for that on launch day and then RE4 Remake after that. But also GT7 day one and I'm looking forward to Firewall Ultra too.

mooper5065d ago

Firewall was my go to game on PSVR! Can't wait to jump in on PSVR2, too with ultra. also excited to see how the new PSVR2 controllers will be used.

SullysCigar65d ago

Another 13 games just got announced, so there are 37 for launch and counting.

Phoenix7665d ago

Loved FWZH too. Ultra should be good as well. Whilst waiting for that to release, I'll be playing pavlov 😁

rlow165d ago

@SullysCigar Sounds like you’ll be having a good time. I’d like to jump into the VR experience as well but, right now it’s a little to pricey for me to invest. But I look forward to hearing yours and others experiences with it. Enjoy

SullysCigar65d ago

Thanks man. It's expensive in the console world, but an absolute bargain for the technology, especially compared to the headsets it competes with. That said, it's quite soon after Christmas and times are generally tough.

We'll test it out and let you know the good AND the bad. If and when you jump in you'll have even more to choose from!

S2Killinit65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Im sooo excited for this.

I think I’ll have to start with Horizon, RE8/Saints and Sinners, and Moss Book 2. And lastly Firewall: Ultra

Really wish we were geting Astrobot Rescue Mission 2

MrNinosan65d ago

Don't sleep on Switchback, No Man Sky and GT7 😊

S2Killinit65d ago

Oh man my wallet hurts

I forgot, definitely getting Switchback aka rush of blood 2.

Luckily I already have GT7