2022 Was A Watershed For Companies Taking Retro Compilations Seriously

Gamers have had plenty of retro compilations and collections come to consoles over the past few years, some of them mightily impressive, others incredibly lacklustre. While 2022 saw plenty of companies repackage old releases into pleasant nostalgia parcels, it also felt like the beginning of a new phase, with big names in the industry finally starting to realise the value — beyond the mere monetary — of investing in their history and letting talented developers present it with the care and attention it deserves.

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CrimsonWing6954d ago

Better late than never, I suppose.


Interview with Konami's Michael Rajna

WTMG's Leo Faria: "I have seen a wide array of outlets and internet comments stating that Konami is back right now, as in, only after the announcement of the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake and the plethora of Silent Hill announcements in late 2022. I don’t particularly agree with that sentiment. If anything, I did state that the company was already performing a slow, but effective resurgence way back in late 2018, all thanks to actions like Castlevania Requiem, the VR version of Zone of the Enders, and partnering up with Nintendo in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

This isn’t new for us, it’s just the natural course of what seemed to be a long-term (and unrushed) strategy. Over the past few years, we saw more releases, both in terms of retro collections and new entries in estabilished IPs. Thankfully, I was able to interview Michael Rajna, Senior Director of Business Development and Licensing at Konami, at BIG Festival this year, where I was finally able to ask about the company’s past, present, and plans for the future."

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neomahi81d ago

A rather generic interview with all the same diplomatic responses. There are all the tough questions that nobody wants to ask because, who wants to bite the hand that feeds, right? But it's the same sounding interview just with Konami


Sonic Origins Plus Audio Quality Is "Painfully" Bad, Say Fans

Gearing up for its launch later this month, Sega has shared some gameplay footage from Sonic Origins Plus. This expanded version of last year's compilation game has a bunch of new features, but the main pull here is its inclusion of all 12 Sonic games released for the Game Gear. However, it seems that their grand debut on modern hardware isn't going to be as great as fans had hoped.

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XiNatsuDragnel103d ago

Oh boy origin plus already on a bad start imo.

just_looken102d ago

vid in article was not there this video in the source section has clips of the audio issues

This is the youtuber mentioned by the article

It seems mono sound redone into stereo

Sgt_Slaughter102d ago

Amazing how two sure fire releases of this collection have gone bad

Number1TailzFan102d ago

And including GG versions of games instead of MS.

gold_drake102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

how can you screw up twice with the same game lol

ZeekQuattro102d ago

Thankfully I'm no where near the Sega fan I once was. Looks like I'll be skipping this Origins collection as well. But hey they say third times the charm. Maybe with Sonic Origins ++ Sega will get its shit together. 😕

-Foxtrot101d ago

Sonic Origins Plus is what the original should have been (minus the audio issues)

The real Sonic Origins Plus should have included more games like Sonic Rush or Knuckles Chaotix