Mundfish Confirms Atomic Heart Will Run On "Solid 60 FPS" With Next-Gen Visuals

Mundfish confirms that Atomic Heart will feature steady 60 FPS at 4K resolution. The studio also revealed additional details about the game.

Jin_Sakai495d ago

Kudos to them for making a 60fps mode. Can’t stand 30fps.

Snookies12495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Depends on the game for me. As someone that has a higher-end PC. Most 30 FPS games do mess with my eyes these days. 60 is solid, for sure. One day we'll have 120 on consoles... That's when things are truly buttery smooth. Anything beyond that is negligible though.

Also, I've said it before but I REALLY hope this game is as good as the trailers make it seem... So ready to check this out!

Jin_Sakai495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

I’d say 120fps is the sweet spot. It’s buttery smooth and controls are super responsive. 60fps is also pretty great. 30fps however just feels like a slideshow with laggy controls.

saint_seya495d ago

After i started playing Fornite/MW2 at 120 fps on my PS5/Series X, when my friends come to play at my house, and i use the other TV (samsung Q60T) that runs only at 60 fps, and i play on it, it feels weird. I used to play on 30 fps on old consoles, and was ok back then, then 60 fps and felt great, now at 120 feels like is the right amount, i believe is not that the games are worse at lower fps's, is that we get used to higher and is hard to go back (same with resolutions and any other graphic details).
I used to think that i would play games on resolution mode, since always loved higher graphics, but the truth is, i always end up playing at the highest fps option that the game offers.

Name Last Name494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

“30 fps games mess with my eyes” bruh we used to play slideshows on NES and no one complained. This is just entitlement or kids these days have lame eyes.

darthv72494d ago

^^bruh... go check your facts. Most NES games were 60fps. You didnt get into 30fps until the shift to 3D and even then it was often sub 30fps.

Snookies12492d ago

@Name Last Name - I grew up playing NES, Sega, SNES, etc. So I know all about old school gaming... And can easily still go back and play older games. But, that's with pixel graphics... Not something 3D rendered. There is a BIG difference.

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CobraKai495d ago

I still play a lot of retro games. Most of which are at 30fps. Never bothered me. When I play games, I get to a point where I don’t notice the FPS.

z2g494d ago

depends for me. for racing games and competitive fps games like COD or Halo i prefer 60/120. for games like callisto or deadspace, more cinematic type games - i sometimes prefer 30fps because it makes it feel more movie like - especially if theres lots of motion blur.

Yui_Suzumiya494d ago

I'm good with 20FPS.. but I only game on a Switch OLED currently. Plan on getting a Series X this year though.

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MetroidFREAK21495d ago

60 FPS makes this a day 1 purchase

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