Silent Hill 2 Remake: World Exclusive Deep Dive Interview

IGN has an exclusive interview with the original developers of Silent Hill 2 who have returned to work on the remake developed by Bloober Team.

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Nyxus64d ago

Ito: “Personally, I'm very satisfied with the quality of the town and the atmosphere of the Silent Hill 2 they're making. I really get the feeling that they respect the original while still making sure to arrange things in their own way. In particular, we had strong demands about the motif of fog when first starting on this remake, and they were sure to depict it just as we wanted. I believe from the bottom of my heart that they’re making something incredible.”

CantThinkOfAUsername64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Sure, sure, Ito-san (huh, what does he know!?). Now let the real experts of hardcore Silent Hill fans tell you what's wrong with the remake and why the original is still much better.

What fog is. What it represents. How it ties to the story. How it's part of the lore. Is it natural? A mere creation of the town? Perhaps it's the creator's way of passing comment on world events clouding the masses' judgement as it clouded James'? How the original used just the perfect amount of water droplets, the right temperature and the absolute humidity percentage to create such a marvel piece of visual effect. How the remake ruined The Fog, the atmosphere, and in the process destroyed the entirety of the game.

A legend among legends shall come to congregate fans' hearts and souls—stray, scattered—to put into words the thoughts ceaselessly trembling their minds. His holy sword of enlightenment shall banish the darkness in the form of a YouTube video.

IanTH63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Honestly, I'm only a modest SH fan and there are definitely some things that concern me trying to bring a game like this to the modern era - though none so esoteric as those posed by your strawman lol.

Oddly, the first thing I'm curious to see how they handle is the script and voice acting. It is one of those scenarios where the original was written in a time where you wouldn't necessarily have high-quality writers on staff. But, more so than that, during a time where options for quality translations were harder to come by. Not only having to survive the quality of the translator, but the skill of their own authorship & balancing the script for the game & its new audience.

And they didn't really have the same voice direction & such they do these days, so you could get some really odd voice performances. This game somehow worked with all the pieces it had, and I think something might feel off if they try to punch up the script. I can't imagine they try to recapture the same tone of voice acting, that would be a tall order. And one I'm not sure they should even try lol.

Creating an environment is one thing, and in this case is a very big piece of the puzzle. But it isn't the only piece. I'm still hopeful it'll turn out great, but it has some unique challenges it needs to overcome IMO.

S2Killinit64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

PS5 exclusives huh? This confirms another exclusive for PS5.

Im looking forward to this. The original left a lasting impression to the point that I still remember the feeling.

thesoftware73064d ago

We already knew that from the day it was announced right?

SullysCigar64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I guess this removes all doubt.

2moda5gamer63d ago

I may be mistaken but I remember hearing this had some direct funding from Sony.

Babadook763d ago

Yah. But that was a leak.

thesoftware73064d ago

Calisto Protocol, Dead Space: Remake, Re4: Remake, and Silent Hill: Remake.

Horror games are back in a big way! I'm loving it.

cthulhucultist64d ago

And Alan Wake 2 & Amnesia The Bunker as well!!

CBaoth63d ago

and didn't they announce a new Alone in the Dark?

IanTH63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

It is a little weird how most of them are just new versions of old games, though. Hopefully this gives publishers the confidence to green light more proper new horror IPs.

Flawlessmic64d ago

Coming 2023, book it!!

Can't wait to play this again as an adult!

Knushwood Butt64d ago

Looking forward to this, but I'd also likd3 to play through the original SH2 again.

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