Marvel’s Avengers is worth saving in 2023

Marvel's Avengers provides faithful depictions of iconic Marvel heroes, but can Crystal Dynamics inject new life into the divisive live service title?

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70d ago
sadraiden70d ago

Literally no one is playing this game. Avengers hype died immediately after Endgame. And there's nothing CD can do to reinvigorate people's desire to play as Diet Coke Iron Man.

GaaS are cancer and shouldn't be given this much credence from games journalists.

GoodGuy0969d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Yea, after seeing all the milking done after endgame, I knew mcu films would now be trash. Last mcu film I watched after endgame was no way home but I only watched it because of the OG spidermen lol, mcu spiderman is horrid...
I'll just wait for the next avengers movie.

DeusFever70d ago

I love parody websites like The Onion and The Hard Times.

GoodGuy0969d ago

Nah. Let's move on and forget. I don't think anyone should do a AAA avenger's game, it's just....way too hard considering all the different heroes lol. We need single hero games rather than groups.

I am interested to see insomniac doing some crossovers from time to time though with spiderman and wolverine, and ofc who knows what hero next...but that'll take many years to come.

badz14969d ago

Ultimate Alliance games from the past were quite good though

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