No, 2023 Won’t Be The Year of VR

Chris Brandrick for overkill writes: “After a decade of innovation and big tech interest, the virtual reality marathon of the next decade is now underway.”

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darthv7273d ago

For me personally, it will be. I'm looking forward to being able to actually enjoy this experience more thoroughly.

InUrFoxHole73d ago

What is the price point you're comfortable with? I imagine this thing will be around $250-300? Glad to see sony pushing VR.

BurritoWarrior73d ago

It’s already announced at $549USD

Stanjara73d ago

Prepare yourself for a thousand bucks. When you buy this thing for 600-700, depended on scalping, and also buying 3-4 VR Sony games for $70.

$250 lol... Do you live under a rock?

Taero73d ago

Can't tell if you're serious...Even the quest 2 is $400 for a lower resolution screen, fewer featured controllers like finger tracking and haptics, no eye tracking, no foveated rendering, no headset haptics...Sure the Q2 is wireless (which I love about it and is my one pet peeve for the PSVR2) but along with that comes a shorter battery life and much lower power.

The original PSVR launched for $399 in 2016 and adjusted for inflation that would be $470 in todays money, so for it to launch at $549 in 2023 that's basically getting new tracking, visuals, all the features etc. for an extra $80.

InUrFoxHole72d ago

Lol wowzers. I've been out of the loop. That's a bit too rich for my blood

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DeusFever72d ago

Same. Preordered the PSVR2. First foray into VR. My entire family is ready for motion sickness.

Christopher73d ago

I don't know why people expect VR to sell as well as individual platform devices. That's like asking other niche products like fighting sticks or racing wheels to become mainstream.

Jin_Sakai73d ago

I think for VR to become mainstream Nintendo would have to make a console that’s solely VR and not an add on device.

Jin_Sakai73d ago

“Nintendo has tried that”

Yes when VR was in its infancy. It’s improved significantly since. I’d say if Nintendo did a VR only console it would sell gangbusters.

Number1TailzFan73d ago

@Kakashi Hatake

Nintendo cheaped out and used a screen that only showed red and black, likely the main (but not the only) reason it failed, sure the Gameboy didn't even have colour but for a VR device it's pretty inexcusable TBH. Other reason being it was on a stand and i imagine it would get uncomfortable after a short time.

I bet if it had the colours of a Master System or NES it would've done a lot better.

outsider162473d ago

For VR to be mainstream, it's gotta be affordable for the masses. Remember this is an accessory we're talking here. A $549 accessory.

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blackblades73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I don't see why people dont like it when they never tried it. If people can try it and have it advertise and be like Nintendo wii it'll be crazy. Hopefully dont be a fad like Wii was and die off quick. One of these years it will really be huge and Sony will already perfect it.

Exvalos73d ago

It's called hating, they trash it because they either can't afford it or there fanboys that refuse to game on a sony platform. Sometimes it's a combination of both.

UnHoly_One72d ago

I've never tried it because it's simply not a product I would ever want.

I don't want to be sealed off from my surrounding environment while playing games. If I lived alone, then maybe, but even then I'm not sure I would like that. As it stands it is a device I would never feel comfortable using. I don't really even like gaming with headphones on and being unable to hear other things around me.

The other reason is that I never really saw a game that made me want to play it that way. Most of them just look gimmicky and are either on-rails or use teleportation instead of being able to walk around normally. At least the early waves of games were. I'll admit that since then I have completely stopped paying attention and maybe there are more "normal" games playable in VR now.

I stopped following VR years ago because I've just written it off as another failed gimmick and I know I won't ever buy one.

InUrFoxHole73d ago

I think it depends on the price point and how cumbersome it is. Now I don't think anyone is expecting a 100% attach rate but something decent

Christopher73d ago

I guess the question is how much is decent? It was total of 9.6 million in 2022.

porkChop73d ago

People don't think realistically. VR is a really cool, innovative experience that just doesn't appeal to the majority of gamers, let alone the general public. And there are a variety of reasons for that. The majority of gamers aren't going to shell out hundreds of dollars to play some games in VR.

crazyCoconuts73d ago

I think the thing is that peripherals like wheels and sticks are kinda niche in their application to just car games and fighters, etc.
VR could conceivably be used for all games/media in the future... like to the point where playing a game on a 2D flat screen would seem archaic. I personally think it'll get there - but clearly not in the next few years. It may even fizzle out a few times before some technological advance makes it popular again.

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Elda73d ago

I agree. It's still a niche device.

CrimsonWing6973d ago

It will be for me and my god I can’t wait to play RE8 in VR!

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