European console and PC game sales fall 7.1% over 2021

UK is Europe's biggest games market ahead of Germany, with FIFA and Call of Duty the best-selling games.

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Nyxus67d ago

"82.5 million games were sold via digital downloads, with the remaining 76.6 million sold via physical retailers."

Good to see many people still choosing physical (even if it's smaller than digital these days).

phoenixwing67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

I buy a mix of both these days. Sometimes digital other times physical

shinoff218367d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Numbers are alot better for physical then the pro digital guys would have you believe. People don't understand atleast in the u.s. the internet still is slow as f in alot of areas. People ain't gonna be downloading 50 gigs for a game. They'll go to the local Walmart or Amazon online and buy it physically. Then there's People like me. I prefer physical if it's available. I only by digital if it's a great price on a sale. Even then if I like it enough I'll buy it physical when it does get released that way later on by one of the many small publishers like limited run.

Let's go physical.

Outlawzz67d ago

People can go out again ! Lol

Gardenia66d ago

Part of it because the lockdowns are over, but I assume the increase in price of games is also a reason.

Nyxus66d ago

New game sales are actually up.

Gardenia66d ago

A sale used to be 30 when games were 60. Now a "sale" is 50 when games are 80, digital that is.

Fonsecap66d ago

That's why fifa and call of duty franchises will never change, people still buy them every year despite these games are always the same every year...