This year is stacked with promising FPS games

PCGamer : Say hello to the 16 most interesting shooters coming out this year.

LordoftheCritics256d ago

The Finals alpha was underwhelming.

Looking forward to the others.

FPS_D3TH256d ago

Lmao it was one map and one mode. The gameplay was pretty great just unbalanced

LordoftheCritics256d ago

Almost every aspect of the gameplay was dull.

Rounds based system at its worst.

Gamingsince1981256d ago

I dont think I will try any of these out, I think I was done with FPS after the first COD black ops, they just don't hold my interest anymore.

jznrpg256d ago

Not a big FPS guy I’ll only play the best ones this year .

hotnickles256d ago

I’m excited for atomic heart and system shock. The rest I could pass on.

shinoff2183256d ago

Never really cared for fps games, I can play some like bioshock etc but the military shooters omg be done already

Spenok255d ago

I know man, it's like; how can other people like game genres OTHER than what you like? Know what I mean?

Ugh. They're so inconsiderate.

Flewid638256d ago

The one genre I don't care about.

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anast7h ago

Why are they using the SX for the thumbnail? It's misleading. They make games for the S.

Cockney7h ago

Where is the commitment for gamepass? Lots of 3rd party games incoming yet very few day one

shinoff21836h ago

I didn't realize metal gear solid was this close to release. I'll grab that on ps5 disc if it's available. Looking forward to check out cities 2 on gamepass.


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Terry_B22d ago

One of the hidden gems of 2023. And my favourite fps since Doom (2016)