Forspoken combines magic combat and parkour with a splash of Final Fantasy 15

Big in 2023: Forspoken will leverage the power of the PS5 to bring us an open-world adventure with "no loading screens".

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shinoff2183139d ago

Long as it isn't a dude bro fest. Ff15 was just missing some variations of mountain dew and doritos

Lore139d ago

I actually found the bro road trip charming. Gameplay is what was terrible. The ending including how they all passed away as brothers and then the image of him and his love together in heaven was beautiful. To each their own.

Star51139d ago

Actually excited for this one, despite the online angst.

XxINFERNUSxX139d ago

"no loading screens". Will be same on PC with direct storage. But I have a feeling that this game will be no more than a tech. demo to show off DS. Also there is no other game that will use DS so far this year.

CBaoth138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

that's MS' track record at delivering 1st party the last decade.

MadLad138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Yes, yes, my guy. Been on this site for 10 years and heard the same thing time and again, since the Xbox One days.

I have both a great PC, as well as a PS5, if I was actually interested in playing it.
Please though, buy this day one at $70 so Sony can continue paying for exclusivity deals, and Square Enix can invest more into NFTs.

repsahj138d ago

He said he is not interested in the game but every forspoken news he is here to bash it.

Hofstaderman138d ago

The games actually have to arrive lol.

MadLad138d ago


Because half the people on this site are bending over backwards to defend it. I wonder if it has anything to do with a certain timed exclusive deal in a year that Sony has very little exclusives to show.

I actually looked forward to the game back when there was little to show for it. I had hope when most had none. Then the later gameplays dropped. Then the demo.
Now I'm calling it the crap I see it as. The game is going to flop. If you track this thing, outside of N4G, most have very little faith in it. That's because they have eyes and ears; not just running on bias.

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repsahj135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

actually many of my friends and relatives who owns a pc only (do not have consoles) is very excited with this game and cannot wait to play it like me.

repsahj138d ago

I am ready to play this game!!!

SeTTriP135d ago

The combat in this game is good, it peaked my interest.

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