What The Elder Scrolls Online Will Look Like in 2023?

Everyone should have a happy new year! Now that we've eaten ourselves to oblivion, it's time to get back to work. Isn't everyone familiar with ESO?

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banger8877d ago

Hopefully it will die dead so they can put all their focus on TES VI.

Bobertt77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Elder Scrolls Online isn't made by Bethesda it's made by Zenimax Online but Bethesda is the publisher. Bethesda can't make online games just look at Fallout 76.

thesoftware73077d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Yes Fallout 76 had issues at launch, but so did FF14, so much so that they had to pretty much revamp the entire game.

Fallout 76 is well supported and the most jarring issues fixed. Almost 14 mill players is not a bad number to sustain a game that was proclaimed dead a short while after launch.

thesoftware73077d ago

What a lame comment as they are 2 different studios.

Try harder next time will ya.