Bayonetta Origins Shows a New Gaming Trend is Evolving

With the news that Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon will be a prequel, it seems to fit a trend that more and more games are following.

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CrimsonWing6975d ago

As a Bayonetta fan this is not anything I wanted in and from a Bayonetta game.

Zeldafan6475d ago

It looks like a good game but not worth $60.

IanTH75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Using Hades 2 as the comparison point seems pretty weak, given that Hades 2, aside from changing protagonists, looks very much the same. This is also not exactly a new thing, changing protagonists. Uncharted did it with The Lost Legacy, Metal Gear Solid did it with MGS2, TLoU2 used existing characters, but changed who you played as, the list goes on

The fact this changed the presentation so much is the real kicker here. And if it was a side project that came out to tide people over, while costing less, no problems. The other game that was mentioned, Darksiders Genesis, was a $60 game when it launched in 2010. When changing to the isometric presentation, it suitably lowered its launch price to $29.99. I'd play so many more Nintendo games on my Switch if they were fairly priced, or at least went on a reasonable enough sale even a couple years down the line.

curtain_swoosh75d ago

i mean i feel like with this bayonetta game, no one was asking for it.

like literally no one.

75d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic75d ago

It's different compared to other Bayonetta games, but I feel like it's been done before and I'm not seeing the Hades comparison, that's a big stretch imo. Should just be a short side game sold cheaply (e.g. $30 instead of Nintendo's regularly asking price of $60/$70 for a Switch game).