Sim Wong Hoo, founder of Sound Blaster maker Creative Labs, has died

Sim founded the company in 1981 and had remained at its head ever since.

Orchard462d ago

Sad news. I remember the days everyone was out buying SB cards.

RIP sir.

XxINFERNUSxX461d ago

Me to but I never stopped buying SB cards. Motherboard audio no matter how good it is now still is not equal to a good sound card. I'm using a Sound Blaster AE-7 now.😊

CantThinkOfAUsername460d ago

You sure seem to spend money on your hardware but not games?

lonewolf10460d ago

Quite right, while on-board audio has come on leaps and bounds, I cannot use it as I have hearing issues. I have the AE-5, great audio and paired with a decent headset nothing comes close for PC sound.

Petebloodyonion460d ago

Is there a real alternative to Soundblaster when you want a real audio card that can support things like Dolby Atmos or a 7 speakers configuration?

But I agree with you Orchard, sad news indeed.

XxINFERNUSxX460d ago

The AE-7 and AE-9 do 7.1 virtual surround on headphones and speakers. The other card is from EVGA called NU Audio it does the same though virtual 7.1

jonivtec460d ago

creative are not only building sound card...you are misinformed.

MWH460d ago

A great man. I've always had a SoundBlaster in my pc, then and now.

Goozex460d ago

May his soul rest with Christ

LoveSpuds460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

Surely one of the most recognised and respected PC brands in history. A great legacy to leave behind for sure.

I remember buying a SB card alongside my first 3D graphics card, the Voodoo 2.....Happy days!!!

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Nvidia DLSS 3.7 drives a further nail in the coffin of native performance

Nvidia DLSS 3.7 is the latest update to the long-running AI upscaling technology, and it further shows native performance doesn't matter.

DustMan11h ago

I think hardware development is at a point where they need to figure out how to draw less power, These beefy high end cards eat wattage, and I'm curious if using DLSS & AI in general will lower the power draw. It would seem like the days of just adding more VRAM & horsepower is over. Law of diminishing returns. Pretty soon DLSS/FSR will be incorporated into everything, and eventually the tech will be good enough to hardly notice a difference if at all. AI is the future and it would be foolish to turn around and not incorporate it at all. Reliance on AI is only going to pick up more & more.

Tapani1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

DLSS certainly lowers power consumption. Also, the numbers such as the 4090 at 450W does not tell you everything, most of the time the GPU stays between 200-350W in gameplay, which is not too different from the highest end GPU of 10 years ago. Plus, today you can undervolt + OC GPUs by a good margin to keep stock performance while utilizing 80% of the power limit.

You can make the 4090 extremely power efficient and keep 90% of its performance at 320W.

However, in today's world the chip manufacturing is limited by physics and we will have power increases in the next 5-10 years at the very least to keep the technology moving forward at a pace that satisfies both businesses and consumers.

Maybe in 10 years we have new tech coming to the markets which we are yet to invent or perhaps we can solve existing technologies problems with manufacturing or cost of production.

On the other hand, if we were to solve the energy problem on earth by utilizing fusion and solar etc. it would not matter how much these chips require. That being said, in the next 30-40 years that is a pipedream.

Tacoboto10h ago

PS4 Pro had dedicated hardware in it for supporting checkerboard rendering that was used significantly in PS4 first party titles, so you don't need to look to PC or even modern PC gaming. The first RTX cards released nearly 6 years ago, so how many nails does this coffin need?

InUrFoxHole9h ago

Well... its a coffin man. So atleast 4?

Tacoboto9h ago

PSSR in the fall can assume that role.

anast1h ago

and those nails need to be replaced annually

Einhander19728h ago

I'm not sure what the point you're trying to make is, but PS4 Pro was before DLSS and FSR, and it still provides one of the highest performance uplifts while maintaining good image quality.

DLSS is it's own thing but checkerboarding om PS5 still is a rival to the likes of FSR2.

Tacoboto8h ago

Um. That is my point. That there have been so many nails in this "native performance" coffin and they've been getting hammered in for years, even on PS4 Pro before DLSS was even a thing.