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Last of Us director on a potential Part 3: ‘I think there’s more story to tell’

From VGC: "Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann has seemingly hinted at plans for a third entry in its The Last of Us series.

While not confirming if The Last of Us Part 3 is coming or not, series director and co-writer Druckmann told The Hollywood Reporter: “I think there’s more story to tell.”"

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Community555d ago
SullysCigar556d ago

There's loads of potential for more in this world. Bring it on.

deleted555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

Maybe it's Kratos all over again. Ellie is now exhausted with revenge and the hate that had overtaken her heart, so she settles down, becomes Eddie. Grows a beard. Reunites with her adoptive son JJ who she fines out is also a cure. Son wants to sacrifice himself to save humanity.Yada yada..

SullysCigar555d ago

All this because Ellie had a girlfriend? Lol it's not that big of a deal. I don't think it would have changed the game so much if she was into sausage.

Crows90555d ago (Edited 555d ago )


Ellie from the last of us part 1 is not into girls though. It was with left behind dlc that they decided to go that route.

Not to mention its a little gross for a grown man to be thinking of lesbian 12 yr olds. Left behind arguably doesn't prove she is a lesbian either. Ellie kissing a beloved friend doesn't scream lesbian to me. Girls tend to be far more affectionate anyways.

deleted555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

Lol @SullysCigar sorry, it was just a harmless joke about all of the people so vocal about their Last of Us 2 hate. ((You should be used to my dumb, playful jokes on this site by now!) I simply stated that she grew a beard bc that's what is trendy these days! I can respect the story the creators want to tell, whether we like it or not, it's their story to tell. The overall story was (mostly) well done, w maybe some dragged out parts and shoehorned moments that didn't feel organic.

You can go back through my posting history if you want and see that I was one of the ones who actually really enjoyed the game. The Abby part is TOO long IMO, but I found that dynamic of facing off against Ellie pretty intriguing.

Yea, I hated that they killed Joel so fast, but the series was always about unpleasant, uncomfortable stories. I can hate his death, but enjoy the emotional rollercoaster I endured w it. Again in the theater scene, I almost had to put the controller down, it was killin' me having to beat Ellie to a pulp as Abby. That part was brilliant and heart wretching.

Crows90555d ago

And yet...he only thinks there is....shows how incapable this guy is when it comes to storytelling.

frostypants554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Disagree. The world is pretty pedestrian cliche zombie land stuff. The strength was in the characters and part 2 robbed us of half of that. They'll probably kill Ellie and make us play as the coyote that gave her rabies or something...

SullysCigar554d ago

This is such a great point. How will they ever create more characters? Impossible!

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Lightning77556d ago

Yep I was right. Well the rumor was right. Of course I got downvoted for it but the truth is the the truth. I actually ok with more Last Of Us.

CobraKai555d ago

I know it’s in the works, but I’d like to see a fresh IP from Naughty Dog first.

CrimsonWing69555d ago

Didn’t they just announce their next project will be more like a TV series or something along those lines? I think that might be a new IP… though I could be wrong and they’re taking an existing one and making it episodic.

Broncob555d ago

No it means he's forming a writing team like tv rather than the games being episodic, which wouldn't be good imo

TheKingKratos555d ago

Same Tbh
I don't mind TLOU 3 as i more of it whatever it's the same characters or different characters but leave that to the end of this gen give us new IP instead

SullysCigar555d ago

Same. The world is awesome, but with the TV series and the multiplayer coming soon, we need a break before a sequel. That will make it all the more enjoyable.

ThichQuangDuck555d ago

Playing a game as Ellie where she kills more after that ending would be like Batman not killing joker but killing henchmen. Would kind of undermine the point of the ending to me. But hope people enjoy it

Vx_555d ago

This illogical narrative is adopted in many films/shows/games .. all those side character are just disposable assets to give more excitement till you reach the ending point where the main character, the hero, turns into a saint.

EazyC555d ago

This is my issue with the "franchise" obsession, narratives should not continue indefinitely.

Imagine a song that just never ended.