Armored Core VI: Is This Is the Sci-Fi Souls?

Tyler George: We can extrapolate what Armored Core VI will be like, and whether or not it is the sci-fi Souls game we have all been dreaming about.

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jznrpg272d ago

They clearly said it wasn’t .

Inverno271d ago

Guess you'll hafto keep dreaming

jdoe271d ago

no it's not, they said it multiple times

CrimsonWing69271d ago

Geezus do you guys have an editor that proof reads? That title… yeesh

Also, as everyone has pointed out they said it isn’t going to be a Souls game. Game journalism, folks!

porkChop271d ago

Why would it be a Soulslike? No one thought it would be.

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MonsterVine: "Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon easily has some of the series’ best highs, and is a proper return to form for the franchise."

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A Melee-Only Build In Armored Core 6 Turns It Into Dark Souls

Can I survive AC6 using only melee weapons? It's possible, but barely.

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Armored Core 6 Is FromSoftware At Its Most Forgiving

Armored Core 6’s combat is tough. Foot soldiers are far easier than those in the Souls series, but when face-to-face with bosses, you’ll find yourself cursing through gritted teeth as you hit the restart button. Just as you would against Lady Maria or the Elden Beast. The difference is in how Armored Core 6 approaches checkpoints and roadblocks.

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Soulsborne36d ago

Alot of QoL features, after elden rings success its only natural to make future games more accessible. And they still cry for an easy mode 💀

Einhander197135d ago

Fortunately I do have a life as well, getting battered by a game & making little progress pisses me off. So accessibility is good thanks. To many games to play, so little time.

BrainSyphoned35d ago

If you have too many games to play you don't need every game to cater to your insignificant needs.

Tapani35d ago

If you have too many games to play, just skip the too difficult for you ones, and let us who enjoy them have access to them. To me, Demon's Souls (original) Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Elden Ring and Sekiro are more accessible than say an easy game with plenty of tutorials and guides and whatever busy work they make you do.

Jin_Sakai35d ago

“If you have too many games to play, just skip the too difficult for you ones, and let us who enjoy them have access to them.“

Pretty sure no one is taking your hard mode away from you by allowing others an easy mode.

I love the art style and world as do others but some people don’t have the time, dedication, and patience to deal with one boss for hours in end.

LordoftheCritics35d ago

Buy it on bargain bin discount at a later time and then use a trainer if on PC.
Don't use god mode etc on the trainer, just some boosts and it totally makes the game fun.

I did that with Fallout 4. Infinite inventory cheat and boom the game became fun af.

That's how I clear the souls like games.

Its super fun my way.

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GoodGuy0936d ago

The checkpoints before a boss fight and replenishing your heals is nice. The cost is, you pay for all the damages and ammo in the game is all.

lodossrage35d ago

Well to be fair, I'm not sure about the later games, but the earlier ps1 armored core games always made you pay for damage and ammo

FinalFantasyFanatic35d ago

I feel like the damage and ammo costs are more lenient in this game than previous games.

hard joe35d ago

armored core has always been fast paced hard game
i'm more suited to front mission more laid back, take your time approach

TriniOutsider35d ago

If newcomers thought Balteus was hard...Wait until they get that boss lol

fsfsxii35d ago

Then you better wait until you meet the Ibis Series lmao or any of the handlers