The Witcher 3 Needs A Transmog System

TheGamer Writes "The best part of any RPG Is the fashion. I’ve written about as much with Elden Ring and Dark Souls, and The Witcher 3 is no different. When you’re dredging through swamps to kill nekkers, for some poor sod in a nearby town who will spit in your face when you’re done, you want to look good. You want fancy, gold-adorned pauldrons, and luscious red fabric flowing behind you as you run, not ill-fitting stuffy sweaters with generic stripe patterns and baggy brown trousers. Weirdly, that’s all I’m finding in The Witcher 3, with all my current craftable gear being much worse, and all the unique gear quickly fading out as I level up."

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GhostScholar84d ago

I never thought of that but I agree

Popsicle83d ago

While early armor sets don’t always look great, I thought many of the grandmaster sets were nice.

jeromeface83d ago

disagree, it doesn't fit in this universe

Pyrofire9583d ago

What doesn't fit? Why should it have to?
It's just having the stats of one set and the appearance of another.
Let the player have a little fun.

Docmortem83d ago

It does not need anything anymore. It is 7 years old. Let it rest in peace and move on ... Maybe something for the remake 2035.