Dead Space, Forspoken, and More Exciting Games Coming Out in January

2023 is coming out of the gates strong! Get the lowdown on Forspoken, Dead Space, and more games coming out next month. We pick the most interesting January games, from AAA to indie, so you can make sense of everything coming out.

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Orchard149d ago

Only really interested in DS remake from that list.

Hopefully it lives up to the hype - I’m also interested to see how it fairs up against Callisto.

Sonic1881148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

I don't think it's worth $70 bucks. I'm going to wait until it's a little lower on Steam or GOG. I'm going to wait on the reviews for Forspoken. I'm curious to find out what the score will be

Orchard148d ago

Yeah tbh I’m against the idea of $70 games.

There’s a few ways to get DS down to $60 - but you’d either have to buy on Steam, or have EA Play on console.

I’m unsure how Forspoken will review. It may end up being one of those games where reviewers opinions don’t match gamers because previews for it mostly looked positive, but player feedback on the demo was mostly negative.

For me, it depends. If it’s like the demo I’ll probably just hold off on it and wait til it’s $20 or inevitably shows up in PS+.

hotnickles148d ago

If any game is worth 70 bucks it’s dead space. I understand your sentiment as a PC player paying for upgrades but there is no guessing here. Dead space is a proven masterpiece.

frostypants148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Get used to $70 games, guys. $70 in 2023 dollars is the same thing as $60 in 2019 (look it up). Inflation has consequences. There is no reason games would be immune to it. The dollar is literally worth less at this point. TBH we're kinda lucky they haven't started slapping AAA games with $80 price tags given that the first $70 games came out before inflation got out of control. Don't doubt that they haven't thought about it.

Sonic1881147d ago


Good looking out. Just pre-order the game. I couldn't resist that price

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Jaces148d ago

Stopped playing remakes if I've already beat them in the past. Played and beat DS to platinum so no need to pay for the same game again, Forspoken felt like a big tech demo with a cringe dialogue that seems to plague modern media so that's a pass for me.

Really wish they remade some better classics like Soul Reaver, Legend of Dragoon, Army Men, God Hand, Dark Cloud, Black, many great games they can bring to us from the past.

hotnickles148d ago

I have already paid for dead space, resident evil 4 and atomic heart. I’m excited to attack dead space again, it’s easily one of my favorites of all time. RE4 as well.

Sonic1881148d ago

Playing an old game that I know everything about shouldn't be $70 bucks rather it's a masterpiece or not. This is a 15-year-old game that should be around $40-$50 bucks in my opinion. EA is just milking this franchise and they don't even have the talent to make a new Dead Space since they got rid of the original developer's

Army_of_Darkness148d ago


Actually, I think developing a remake that can meet or exceed the original is quite the accomplishment. I wouldn't discredit the talent behind excellent remakes. Look at bluepoint games for example. Dead space is one of my favourite action horror games so I can't wait to play it as well, however, I will wait till it drops in the $40 range.

hotnickles148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Fair enough. I have beat DS countless times. I could get the platinum in a day if this was a straight up remaster. This is a ground up remake though not a remaster.

I share your sentiment most times especially when it comes to EA but there are certain games I spare no expense for. I bought the deluxe edition which is 80 I think lol. I would only feel regret if they somehow managed to ruin the original.

The original developers didn’t have the talent to make another dead space 1 lol. Callisto was nowhere near DS1. DS1 is a freak of nature, that’s why I’m excited.

CrimsonWing69148d ago

I think Fire Emblem Engage is my biggie for January. I’ve been waiting for a new Fire Emblem game since Three Houses.

repsahj148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Excitedly waiting for forspoken! And atomic heart too.

Eonjay148d ago

I'm gonna give forspoken a chance. And... Believe it or not Atomic Hearts was initially announce for Steam and PSVR. VR support will not be coming at launch but there is a good chance this eventually makes it's way to VR headsets.