Vampire Survivors Changed The Game Industry

NoobFeed Editor Daav Valentaten writes - With seemingly never-ending replay value, Vampire Survivors has penetrated the zeitgeist as one of the most successful games this year. Instead of hiding in the shadows of giants, the game that was molded mostly by one person stands as a peer next to Elden Ring or God of War; monolithic structures with multi-million budgets.

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MadLad277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

I like that it pisses some off that such a small game, made on a shoestring budget, gets as much recognition as these one hundred million + titles because people recognize large budget, and fantastic graphics doesn't do anything to provide an overall amazing gaming experience.

We have the best voice actors, marketing, and engines on the planet.

... we have a game that looks like it was made 40 years ago, and still you want to play me hours on end. We also cost a 14th of what those games sell for.

jznrpg277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Got to hype up the little games because that’s all you can do . I’ve played many games just like this one . It just happened to get popular

roadkillers277d ago

I just don’t understand THIS games large acclaim. I understand the concept of the survivor game, but why did this game get the recognition when Survivor.IO came out in 2017? They are the same game with different skins. I played Vampire and the only big difference is the amount of achievements. The game mechanics are sound, but plenty of survivor games came before it.

Spenok277d ago

This title seems a bit hyperbolic...

Christopher277d ago

It didn't change anything. Far from the first low cost indie game to make a killing. It's still an outlier among the industry norms that hasn't shifted focus.

gangsta_red277d ago

I wouldn't necessarily say it changed the gaming industry.

What is has done though is proven you don't always need 4k, open world, drawn out cut scenes and 100fps to make an addictive and fun game.

jznrpg277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

You don’t always need big budget games but if these small games was all there is to offer I’d get bored quick . They are nice filler inbetween big games but there are tons of games just like it .

thesoftware730277d ago

I just downloaded the DLC.

1.99 with GP lol.

I will start back playing when I'm done with High on Life.

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Barlos5d ago

This game just keeps drawing me back in! The perfect game for my steam deck


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Christopher47d ago

5m54s for co-op gameplay (link: https://youtu.be/55iNkGZ7wF... ). This is the perfect game for portable devices, IMHO.

P_Bomb46d ago

It’ll be great in portable bursts. Something to bring with you on lil’ trips. Out to the cabin or whatever.


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