Game Vortex: Legendary PC Review

Game Vortex writes: "It was cold and raining when I showed up at Gamecocks E.I.E.I.O. party during SXSW last year. We huddled under propane heaters and awaited the opening of the doors to look at Legendary. The XBOX 360 game we demoed showed some promise early on. It had all of the standard elements for an FPS, but nothing really jumped out at me; it was a demo after all. I did leave there hoping to get my hands on it again, and I would say that is a good complement for a demo. I am a bit of a PC snob when it comes to FPS games. It is as much habit as argumentative nature that using a mouse is just faster. I was happy to hear there was a PC version of the game and had high hopes for the game. The only thing in the end that was "Legendary" for me was the physical nausea I felt while playing the game."

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