Videolamer : Digital Distribution in a Not so Ideal World

Christian from Videolamer writes "For now, perhaps just saying no might work. We can't stop hijinks from the likes of Namco (since the Japanese will justify their DLC prices), but we can have the strength to tell Capcom that as cool as it is to play as Protoman in Mega Man 9, we aren't going to let them dangle it in our faces for $2 a month after release because our fanboy urges demand it. Squash today's little ideas and the future may not be filled with big ones.

Downloadable games can lower costs, offer a wider variety of titles, and even slow down piracy. They cannot do any of these things if they are instead used to further disrespect consumers. Shunning micropayments and the like will be far harder for an industry of this size than it was for, say, the webcomic community, but it may be the only way to cause real discussion about what we should expect from games in the future."

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Dr_Nefarious4205d ago

good article, but I like the idea of having my disk on a hard format rather than on something I can not see. I think that hard drives are not big enough yet to instill such a practice anyway. It would cost the consumer a crap load of money for so much storage or hard drive that could hold all the games or even part of them in the future.

I have ran into this problem on the playstation network when I bought a game. Came in several chapters and I downloaded all of them, and filled up my hard drive. The playstation network only gives you 20 items that their server saves and with all the demos it was gone. That was the least of my problems because I had to install other games just to get them to run and before I knew it I could only download a couple of chapters. The game never was completed and money was lost. Money was lost because the playstation network was wanting to charge the account again for games I had to delete. Hard lesson learned.