Does The Next Nintendo Console Need To Step It Up?

Nintendo loves to think outside the box with their game consoles but should the next Nintendo console prioritize more powerful hardware?

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jambola94d ago

the sales and overpriced games say
people will keep supporting it looks like

blackblades93d ago

Exactly, some of us would like them to come to modern times but they are doing just fine what they are doing with $ wise, games, awards etc.They sitting there with popcorn watching the drama of you know what going on around it.

gamerz93d ago

They aren't watching or even aware of anything but counting money stacks. Even if somehow one of their executives glanced at a gaming blog they wouldn't care in the slightest. As long as the $ keeps rolling it they don't see, hear or care about anything else.

DarXyde93d ago


The Switch was impressive when it came out because no portable was pushing anything like that. Seriously, it ran Doom and The Witcher III, albeit with cutbacks, portably. That was unheard of.

Now, we have Steam Deck and Ayaneo. In my view, it can be less powerful if* it is a true, natural evolution of their hardware. If it is pretty much just a more capable Switch, then yeah, they really need to pack much more power into it.

It would never happen, but if Nintendo partnered with Valve to allow Steam on Nintendo's next device, that would be legendary.

VariantAEC87d ago

Switch was never impressive. By the time it launched in March of 2017 The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 was already in some smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy S8 was less than 2 months away from launch. I showed Alien: Isolation running on my personal Samsung Galaxy S8 about a year ago now on Android 9 I showed GRID Autosport even earlier. Those two Feral Interactive ports are effectively the best looking games on Switch even outdoing the PS4 and PC versions with some settings! But even that being considered their smartphone ports are even better!
On top of that... GRID: Autosport and Alien: Isolation were never top teir games really pushing graphical boundaries of any kind, there's no reason why Alien: Isolation does not run at native 1080p60 on base model Xbox One's and PS4's they were originally made and released for PS3 and Xbox 360 even their PC demos looked bland at the time they were planning a PS3/X360 launch... just plain old Sega stink on that release.

Codemasters made GRID Autosport in 2014 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC... Why did they do that? No one knows! So neither title for as good as they look on Switch were stellar looking on their OG target HW.

Meanwhile today just 5 years after Switch's launch you have games on phones running at higher resolutions than most PS4 and Xbox One games at 60FPS with better settings... like Alien: Isolation and maybe Fortnite at this point and that's basically all for now, but critically they wound up looking better on phones day one of Switch's launch than they did on Nintendo Switch.

cthulhucultist93d ago

One thing I realized after getting a Steamdeck after 5 years of switch heavy duty usage, is how much money I can save with Steam Sales in comparison to switch sales. Nintendo first party never offer over 30% percentage discount and their sales are not that frequent.

Even worse, not all their games are on sale each time! Therefore you must wait many months if not years for a specific game to be on sale and only at 30%.

In addition all third party games play better on Steam Deck and enjoy frequent and better sales. Mortal Shell only just released on Switch suffering a huge downgrade and is already at sale on Steam Deck (superior version as well) for 7,49 euros. Numerous examples like this one.

Witcher 3 cost 9 euros on Steam during sales, whereas on switch it cost on sale 20 euros despite being significantly worse as a port.

So yes I agree that the value proposition of the console has diminished and it now serves as indie and first party console only.

MadLad93d ago

Welcome to the PC ecosystem.
I always talk about how sales had on PC storefronts, as well as the fact you're not forced to pay money just to play online really does shoot down the idea that console gaming is so much cheaper than just going PC.

blackblades93d ago

Thats just Nintendo store sales sucking, I know ps sales is about equal to steam sales or you can find physical sales of the games being cheap. Like my walmart has cyberpunk at $11 was $5 at bestbuy, RnC ps5 I got for $16 at Wal-Mart, and last year nioh collection ps5 was $7 while ps4 was $3. Epic games stores on the other hand be having free games every month. Anyways I looked into mini pcs and now looking at different pc handhelds for many many things, steam, epic, emulation, mobile, remote play etc steam deck or other is good 2nd system for me.

FinalFantasyFanatic93d ago

Agree fully, Nintendo Eshop sales suck, during the 2 years of the height of the pandemic was pretty good for Nintendo store sales, frequent sales were abundant and included alot of games. Now they're back to being stingy, I also agree that alot of PS store's sales rivial Steam's sales, normally there's only a few dollars difference between the two for the same games.

At one stage I was deciding between getting a game as a portable for Switch or getting better graphics (PC/PS4), now alot of those games are just going to my Steam wishlist until I finally get a Steam Deck.

MadLad93d ago


There's many legitimate storefronts that undersell even Steam. Even when they're actual Steam keys.
They'll sometimes have keys for console platforms, but they're few and far between by comparison.

GotGame81893d ago

You aren't going to see MK8 for sale on Steam. 1st party Nintendo games are the main reason to even own one.

talocaca93d ago

I think the bar when it comes to hardware with Nintendo is so ridiculously low that any improvement will feel like a win.

It's sad but finally they Switch is clearly hurting game development. Bayonetta 3 deserved MUCH better hardware.

We also never got the virtual console we deserved.

MadLad93d ago

This is why I just emulate their stuff anymore. I grew up with and loved Nintendo, but it seems like they don't even try any more. They want minimal effort and maximum profit.

The Steam Deck emulates most Switch games better than they actually run on Switch hardware even.

badz14992d ago

emulation is the way to go imo if you want the max out of your game purchases for the Switch. IF you buy the games of course, not going aarrr...matey!

MadLad92d ago


I legitimately buy the games I want to emulate and then gift them to my niece and nephew who have a switch.

RaiderNation93d ago

Ummm isnt that the whole point of doing a next console?

BrainSyphoned93d ago

One day they will truely join the 8th gen.

Eidolon93d ago

I think if they tried, they could match at least the base PS4, power wise.

badz14992d ago

that's the most they will do for the Switch successor. to at least match the original PS4

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