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Justin Roiland? Talking guns? Massive weirdness. Good fun.

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MadLad285d ago

This is pretty much what I would give it. Game is a lot of fun and has a lot of character. All the 5 and under reviews are pretty ridiculous, being the user aggregate is pretty high on almost every metric site.

esherwood285d ago

Game reviewers put virtue signaling above gaming. They hold zero sway on anything I do

MadLad285d ago

I have a few singular critics that I like. ACG, GGGman, SkillUp.
Usually when they like a game, I like that game.

I'm not trying to be conspiratorial but I did notice that a lot of the negative reviews that really focused on the fact they didn't like the humor also made a point to harp on the combat. Almost like they were trying to defend their questionably low scores.

I mean, the game is no Doom Eternal on that front, but it's solid. Once you get the knife, the grapple, and some extra weapons, there's a good flow to the combat.

At the end of the day it's a big hit on Gamepass, is still also seeing sold sales, and the developer is happy with how the game is doing in general. That's what matters.

RetroCaptainSteve283d ago

The team reviewed it from a gamer perspective. Y'know, since they're gamers. :D


"High On Knife" Review \\ paulsemel

This add-on for the satirical sci-fi shooter "High On Life" provides more offbeat fun with a gun.

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FinalFantasyFanatic1d ago

That monster in the screenshot looks like something out of the Dinosaurs TV Series (the puppets).

beerhound22h ago

Oh, jeez, I remember that show. It was like a bad Robot Chicken parody of Family Guy.


High on Life: High on Knife Review - Too Short to Stab | MP1st

High on Life: High on Knife Review - The DLC doubles down on the crude humor, offering new locations and weapons, but it comes up short.


High on Life comes to PS5 with performance and animation issues that need addressing

Digital Foundry: A bona fide hit on Xbox and PC thanks to a Game Pass debut eight months ago, High on Life has finally arrived for PlayStation consoles: PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5. In this detailed analysis, Oliver Mackenzie presents his views on the game, delivering analysis on every console version of the game - both last-gen and current-gen.

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Jin_Sakai52d ago (Edited 52d ago )


“PS5 pushes ~110% more pixels compared to XSX in quality mode and ~55% more pixels in performance mode currently.“

darthv7252d ago

A patch should fix all that. It did for Series consoles.

Sciurus_vulgaris52d ago

The game’s overall performance and visual quality is better on series X according to the presented analysis. The higher resolution on the PS5 isn’t benefiting the game’s performance.

just_looken51d ago

Wait wait so a game that was designed around direct x and a windows operating system perform better on a console with a windows os/direct x than a system unix system with its own internal game api so shocking i tell yeah /s

jjb198151d ago

The Dude Bros. Booty holes clinch when anyone mentions this. You gotta keep this down.

Wintersun61651d ago

You don't need to mention it's released on PS4 Pro... Otherwise should also add PS4 Slim.

Abear2151d ago

I expect Microsoft exclusives to PlayStation will be made with about the same quality and love as PlayStation releases get on PC.

Charlieboy33351d ago (Edited 51d ago )

It has come.....and it shall go. Like the fart in the wind it is to us, the blessed Playstation Elite.

P_Bomb51d ago

I’m still shocked @ that $79.99 CAD price tag.

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