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High on Life review - Gamereactor

Jonas Mäki: "To entertain whomever is holding the controller is always the single most important quality a game has, regardless of genre, and while High on Life does made me chuckle a little now and then, for the most part I felt nothing but frustration and boredom, unfortunately."

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Community548d ago
SullysCigar548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

I remember my nephew playing the VR game, Trover Saves the Universe. He thought it was funny. Everyone else in the room was like "wtf?!"

I imagine this will be the same love/hate type of game, being from the same people, although this reviewer seems to think it's funny, just not fun to play.

ocelot07547d ago

I loved Accounting (their first VR game) I loved that. Even bought accounting+ on playstation. Trove it was ok.....noting special. Still yet to play this though. I love Rick and Morty. Was surprised I didn't enjoy trove all that much.

Mr_cheese547d ago

I could be wrong here but in my opinion, if you are reviewing a game for a website, you should enjoy that type of game otherwise it has the potential to go over your head.

Stanjara547d ago

So then every game should be a 9?

MadLad547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

It's more than that.

My best way to explain it is you don't task someone who only plays and enjoys racing simulators with reviewing a CRPG.

You give it to someone who enjoys CRPGS. They know the genre. They can honestly tell you whether or not they stack up to similar games on store shelves.

It doesn't necessarily mean they're automatically going to give it a good score, but they'll give you better insight into the overall product for those who would actually be interested in that sort of title.
They'll almost always tell you if this is a crap release within the genre they love.

Stanjara547d ago

True, only in this case its a FPS comedy based on a highly popular show...everyone can review that. You don't need a mmo expert to review mechanics, balance, rng, monetization scheme and cosmetic content.

It is what it is. Gameplay as a shooter is meh, and characters push annoyance as comedy. You will probably play this for 5 hours and don't bother to finish it. That's why this game is a 5/10 or 4.. or 6...
It doesn't mean its broken, or has a lack of content... its just that it doesn't give you incentive to finish it.

sagapo547d ago

@ Stanjara: No, that’s not the point. For example; I not a big fan of RTS games and therefore never play them, so if I had to review such a game, it would be hard for me to point out if it’s good or bad.

sinspirit547d ago

Nope. But a person only interested and experienced in JRPG's shouldn't be reviewing Grand Theft auto. That way they are aware of the standards in the genre and what is new. It's not meaning they are biased for the genre in a way that gives them extra points. But it means we avoid an inexperienced critic who has no right to critic something for a professional outlet. Keywords, critic for a professional outlet.

And, to point out your "so then every game should be a 9" comment. Vice versa, non-interested genre critics will equally give much lower scores because of bias.

CrimsonWing69547d ago

Well, you have to question what's the point of reviews now.

I always thought they were to help inform consumers on whether to purchase or pass on a product.

If reviews are all over the place with scores then what, you just pick the score you want to accept?

MadLad547d ago


Find a number of specific reviewers who share your interests and hope they cover the game. Not outlets, but singular critics.

My go-tos are ACG, SkillUp, and GGGman. When they all basically agree that a game is good or more, I pretty much can confirm that I'll like it as well.

shinoff2183547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

People keep pointing out that if a person doesnt like a type of game they shouldnt review it. Well how do yall know the reviewers dont like them. Just maybe it isnt that good of a game, and is just getting hyped up because xbox doesnt have alot going on at the moment so this fills some kind oif gap

I read a review last night and the guy admitted he liked rick and morty but gave the game a 4 or 5 cant remember the exact number. Maybe its just not good

Stanjara547d ago

Crimson69 (nice) TRUE, nowdays game gets a 4, than 10, then 7, than 6 and a 9.

Just pick what you want to read since you already preordered a game, or you are downloading from subscription and want to feel good about your money decision.

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Mr_cheese547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

I wouldn't say every game would be a 9 but the score would more accurately reflect a person that enjoys that type of game.

For example, if you don't like horror games, then you're opinion is already tainted going into the review process of a horror game.

Of course it's just my opinion and we all have them

Lifexline547d ago

I agree it seems most reviewers don’t like these types of game which there are not too many out there. 4 is not fair for that game it’s not broken at all

Rude-ro547d ago

The game is not worth the current asking price…

It is a mind numbingly “fun” game but shallow in its actual gameplay and very short.

The price tag looks like a crackdown scenario where the asking price is set high to make a subscription service look better.

Funny as heck… but funny is not gameplay.

It is the beyond of a joke burgerking game Microsoft released with the 360.

It is good ol fun but a $30 indie game at best.

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547d ago Replies(3)
jonny897547d ago

The game is probably funny for 10-year olds.

MadLad547d ago

Humor can be dumb, mature, and intelligent all at the same time.

I would say this is one of those cases.

Elda547d ago

The game has a lot of profanity,it's definitely for 17 & up.

ChubbyBlade547d ago

Have you ever met kids before?

SullysCigar547d ago

The best way to appeal to under 18s is to label something 18+ with 'mature themes'.

redrum06547d ago

This game is absolutely not worth a 4 out of ten. I don't get these overly exaggerated negative reviews. If the humor aint your thing, that's oke, but the game functions well and is more than playable.

shinoff2183547d ago

I like rick and morty but this game just doesnt look good to me, read a review last night the guy was the same, and gave a low score. Just cause the review is low doesnt automatically mean the reviewer hates the comedy. Nice tactic though.

JeffGUNZ547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

I just beat it today. The game is "good". I wouldn't say it's great, but it was a fun experience. I never watched Rick and morty so I am indifferent with that. The comedy was funny at parts. This is a game you can't take seriously when you play it. The FPS elements are ok, but something felt off. You seem to always be a magnet to enemy fire and they never miss. I wish their was more guns, but overall, they were fun to use. I played this on PC gamepass, I would not recommend paying $60 for this at all, it is short and doesn't offer much in replayability. But if you have gamepass or goes on sale, def worth the playthrough.

TicklefistCP547d ago

You read a thing that confirmed your preconceptions? Ignored things that don't? I believe there's a popular term for that.

redrum06547d ago

Since review scores regarding this game go all out of place, have you played it?

shinoff2183547d ago


No. I don't even like shooters so it loses points with me from the jump.

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