New Diablo 4 Burger Lets You Feel Lilith's Rage in Your Mouth at Japan's Burger King

The Japanese arm of Burger King is offering a brand new burger inspired by Diablo 4's Lilith to celebrate the release date.

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BrainSyphoned520d ago

Touching devs with your greasy fingers optional

HeliosHex520d ago

"Lets You Feel Lilith's Rage in Your Mouth."

CrimsonWing69520d ago

I bet afterwards you can feel her rage somewhere else.

ModsDoBetter520d ago

Bit early for them to be marketing the game with this kind of promotional collaboration imo. Better served if rolled out to a bigger market closer to the release. Six months before? No thanks.

anast519d ago

This is stupid. There is nothing to celebrate yet. I wouldn't forget Immortal so quickly.


Diablo IV is Available on PlayStation Cloud Gaming - Beats Xbox to the Punch

Diablo IV is now available to play via PlayStation Cloud Gaming! Still not available to Play on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

We ran our script again and found 15 other PS5 games (a lot of popular ones!) that got PS5 Cloud Gaming support within the last month as well.

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Hugodastrevas13d ago

Not for me, I'm 100% physical media all of the time.

jwillj2k413d ago

I hate that I have to keep calling this out, but your physical disks mean nothing if the game code attempts to connect to a server prior to playing.

Hugodastrevas13d ago

And that happens when? I'm playing completely offline here, stellar Blade to be more precise.
I'm sorry but I've never run into that imaginary problem you're talking about, I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but it has never happened to me.

jwillj2k413d ago

You not running into the problem yet has no bearing on my argument. You’re acting like the medium is the shield for you being able to always play your games when it effectively is not. The game code itself can try to connect to a server or the console you’re playing on may receive an update that requires that game to connect to a server. Just because you haven’t ran into it doesn’t mean anything lol you don’t own your games no matter how you try.

Hugodastrevas12d ago

So I have never run into the problem you're talking about and your answer is an hypothetical? Look I can play any game of my library offline right now without issue.
That issue is in your mouth and alone.

Crows9012d ago

Actually...there's an easy way...don't connect. If it doesn't require a connection and you don't connect...the code can't update...obviously....confused why you don't get what he's saying.

outsider162412d ago

Hold on..lets say i dnt have an online connection, can i atleast play the game offline though. Was thinking of getting this

jwillj2k412d ago

None of you use your brains.

OK, let’s explore this playing offline. not talking about Diablo specifically just gaming in general.

Are you going to buy two PlayStations? One offline one online? If not, moment you want to play something that requires a connection you’re cooked.

Does game experience you love so much stay the same offline?

Is the game even playable offline?

The whole point of my argument is that we don’t hold the keys anymore. The gatekeepers are the developers and console makers regardless of whether it’s digital or physical. You altering your play style for a lesser experience is not a workaround, it doesn’t solve the overall problem.

None of this matters since the move to the cloud is inevitable.

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spicelicka13d ago

So you have to buy the game and can only stream to the PS5 devices using PS plus premium? What is the point of that. Much more useful when you can stream to other devices.

MrNinosan13d ago

Works great on my Portal while at work 👍

spicelicka13d ago

That's streaming off your PS5, not from the cloud. This is specifically referring to cloud gaming.

CrimsonWing6913d ago

Can’t you, uh, do this on your phone?

Tacoboto13d ago

Sony doesn't yet have a web or app-based solution to stream games off their cloud service, the closest you may be able to get would be Remote Play if they allow cloud streaming during a Remote session.

And yes this applies to the Portal too.

Einhander197212d ago (Edited 12d ago )


Please stop talking about PlayStation Streaming, you don't know what you're talking about.

I just explained this to you the other day where you were telling people that remote play was their only cloud solution, because apparently you didn't understand how PlayStation Premium works even though PS Now was a thing since shortly after the launch PS4..

You can stream to PC and Mac, and they had mobile clients for it in the past but probably for the same reason Microsoft is fighting Apple and Google PS Now wasn't allowed on App stores. Which is why it's not on iPhone and Android still.

And to be honest, I am glad they are trying to keep it on the console, all their moves away from the console seem like a step in the wrong direction, which isn't working so great for Microsoft...

anast13d ago

Blizzard is shoving this game everywhere. Diablo 4 is going to take an even bigger hit soon. Path of exile 2 is coming out and it looks insane.

Crows9012d ago

Well they're about to release the next season...I think that might be way they're pushing the game again.

anast12d ago

I mean I get what you are saying, but D4 isn't doing that well either.

UnbreakableAlex13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I completed it on gamepass. Thanks God I dint pay it full price. It plays like a lazy mobile game. I am not a pro diablo gamer (Diablo 1 was the only one I completed) but D4 has no atmosphere, no creepy feeling and soundtrack like the first one and its so easy, I managed to not buy any weapon and had 4 Million Credits on level 55. I always used the same 4 attacks from the beginning and died maybe 10-15 times. It's so easy, wtf. I remember D1 to be pretty hard.
WTF happened? Is Diablo 3 also that bad?

jwillj2k413d ago

Diablo 3 was my first Diablo game. I had to use the mailbox cheats to keep it interesting.

Crows9012d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Diablo 3 was really hard at launch....then they made it easy.

They love scaling difficulty though.

anast12d ago

D2 is the pinnacle. I still fire it up from time to time.

GrmpyolGamer 12d ago

Considering that the PS cloud steaming is garbage compared to XCloud and is limited to certain devices this isn't something to brag about. Wake me up when Diablo is on PS plus


Huge new Diablo 4 stats are super encouraging for Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass and Diablo 4 are a match made in heaven, with the hellish RPG series blazing a path for ActiBlizz’s future on the service.

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