Resident Evil Village VR Mode launches February 22 for PS VR2 as free DLC

Resident Evil Village will launch for PlayStation VR2 on February 22, 2023 as free downloadable content for all users who own either Resident Evil Village or Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, Capcom announced.

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Knushwood Butt175d ago

Awesome, I'd definitely revisit this in VR.

Now, just need Polyphony to announce the same thing for GT7 and I'm sold on PSVR2. Need something to look forward to.

EvertonFC175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Was hoping for some Sophy and VR2 news during GT 25th anniversary but nothing ☹️

Knushwood Butt175d ago

Yeah, really hope they integrate Sophy.

Bathyj175d ago

Damn I knew I should have bought this when it was on sale but I thought there wouldn't be a free upgrade and I have to buy it again on VR.

Neonridr175d ago

I mean RE7 was free in VR, why would you assume that part 8 would be?

SullysCigar175d ago

THIS was the news I was waiting for! Next sale, the Gold Edition will be mine and I'll experience RE8, for my very first time, in VR!

I kept the faith and my patience paid off. Go me!

Seriously though, great to see more free upgrades being confirmed as we approach launch of PSVR2. More please.

Neonridr175d ago

that's good to see, can't wait to give it another playthrough in VR.