Best Voice Actor Performances in Video Games

A character's voice is a crucial part of their personality. Here are the best voice-acting performances in video games.

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Knightofelemia349d ago

Christopher Judge as Kratos, Kevin Conroy as Batman, Sam Witwer Deacon St John, Jennifer Hale as female Commander Shepard, George Newbern as Sephiroth, John DiMaggio as Marcus Fenix,

Marcello349d ago

Soul Reaver, all were excellent.

robtion349d ago

Lots of good options. Batman and Joker are both great in the Arkham Games, Geralt if fantastic in the Witcher 3, so is Ciri, Fem-Shep in Mass Effect Trilogy, Nathan Drake.

StarkR3ality349d ago

That website is ass with its ads. At least don't take up the entire screen so I can read what you've wrote dip shits.


Xbox CFO: Microsoft Wants to Drive High-Margin Sales on PlayStation & Nintendo

Microsoft has once again reiterated that the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard was mostly about securing a foothold in the mobile market, CFO Tim Stuart has said. In addition, the executive explained that Microsoft intends to drive high-margin sales on both PlayStation and Nintendo.

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Jin_Sakai19h ago

Might as well go 3rd party and get this over with.

darthv7219h ago

They can support their own platforms as well as others without going full 3rd party. with the Sony/Nintendo fans buying... it only serves to benefit MS fans who just use GP.

There was some article the other day that said kids are wanting more subs for xmas instead of physical games. i don't know how accurate that is but it sounds like the next generation is less about ownership and more about just playing to have fun.

Tacoboto17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

Exactly, to that final point in particular. What makes games so sacred that they'd be immune from changes in purchasing trends across almost every single industry?

Phone subscriptions, Music subscriptions, movie subscriptions, food/meal subscriptions, grocery delivery subscriptions, automotive subscriptions; if you're someone growing up with these especially, why stop and put your foot down suddenly at $70 video games, which then have their own subscriptions in the form of seasonal battle passes and Mtx?

So long as there remain quality single player experiences and respectable pathways to ownership/preservation, I don't particularly see a problem.

crazyCoconuts17h ago

My simplistic interpretation is that to drive more revenue with higher margins, MS would use it's large catalog of games to negotiate a larger cut of the game sales on PS/Nintendo.
Like, for example, Sony might get less than 30% for MS published games. I kinda think that might imply they'll be throwing in some previously exclusive titles to sweeten the deal... we'll see

dumahim17h ago

Kind of makes sense. I can see how a kid would rather have an ongoing sub to have access to a ton of games rather than getting a game or two now and then. They're not the one footing the bill.

Hofstaderman16h ago

I read that most kids want Spiderman 2.

Christopher15h ago

You are correct, kids are ill-informed on the importance of ownership. We shouldn't let kids decide the future of the market.

Redemption-6415h ago

I belive that was misleading, digital sales is increasing, so of course kids born in the digital age would prefer cards that allow them to purchase games online rather than physical games. This can also simply be cause subscription is required to play online on consoles. People are buying them because they have to

Jingsing15h ago

Yeah I won't be subsidizing GamePass on other platforms.

fr0sty15h ago

They aren't making money by investing in R&D for hardware that doesn't recoup its costs... they lose money on hardware, their only profits are from services, so it only makes sense for them to just support their services and leave the hardware up to the ones who can actually sell it.

fr0sty15h ago

As for subscriptions taking over everything else... look at how the movie and TV show subscription market is imploding right now... It isn't working out very well for them. Disney has more subs than netflix, for instance, but is still losing money.

Profchaos13h ago

Yeah what a weird thing to ask for I know some of my greatest memories as a kid centred around unwrapping consoles and games on Christmas if someone gave me a subscription that I only had for 12 months I'd be a bit disappointed it's like the modern gift card in a way

Godmars29012h ago

But they can only do that by buying up 3rd parties. And in that, if they announcing such was the plan, they're doing it wrong by making certain titles exclusive to their own platform(s).

Crows9012h ago

Less about ownership and more about playing to have fun....

As if people didn't always play to have fun.

11h ago
Melankolis11h ago

They grow up with mobile apps, such is inevitable

10h ago
NotoriousWhiz7h ago

When I was kid, I had all the time in the world to play games, but was too broke, so I might have played 3-4 games in any given year (and they may not even have been new games).

If something like PS Now or Xbox Game Pass was around back then. I'd have been like a kid in a candy store. I can play hundreds of games at no added cost? I'd gladly take a 12 month sub every Christmas.

Now I'm a fully grown adult with not nearly enough time for games. A subscription for me is worthless at any price, because I only have time for 3-4 games per year anyway and then I probably won't even finish all of those games either.

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Great idea! Let Playstation monopolize high-powered home consoles so they can hike up console, game, and subscription prices at their leisure.


S2Killinit6h ago

Dont worry I wouldn’t touch MS’s crap anyway.

CobraKai17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

I agree. Why not? It might be better for gaming as a whole, but then it would be less competition on the console side and that’s never good.

Crows9012h ago

Sorry..there's no competition on the console side ...let's not pretend that there is

DeusFever16h ago

I’d buy the shit out of Halo on PS5. Money is on the table.

Hofstaderman16h ago

As long as its pre-Halo 4 quality. I love the crap out of Halo Reach.

Aloymetal15h ago

That's coming for sure and it's inevitable and MS know this very well, they realized long ago that they can't compete with Sony and Ninty in the hardware/software department that's why they were forced to create gamepass back in June 2017 (7 yrs ago) but even that hasn't worked for them, nothing has changed, they're still and will continue to crawl way behind so yeah, it's only a matter of time.

Christopher15h ago

Their goal is to force their service onto other platforms and take the majority of those profits otherwise you don't get our library of games unless your users pay way more for it. Thereby they shrink competition gains naturally and spread their own service to the full market.

I'm personally not a fan of the subscription model. I tend to continue to just buy my games on sale and I have too many games to play as it is, let alone games I know I want to play and can whenever I want, not whenever they're on a subscription service.