‘God of War’ TV Series a Go at Amazon

'Wheel of Time' showrunner Rafe Judkins and 'The Expanse' creators Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby are adapting the award-winning PlayStation game.

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darthv72101d ago

HBO going to have Last of Us and Amazon gets God of War. Now all we need is Horizon and Gears of War to add to the mix.

Alexious101d ago

Amazon also has Fallout. Netflix has Horizon and BioShock.

myfathersbastard101d ago

I have serious doubts Horizon can be done properly on a TV scale budget. I feel for it to be done properly, the whole first game should be a trilogy of films. All the locations, machines and stuff that happens can’t be condensed into a single film in my opinion. Def not on a TV budget. Unless they’re gonna go full Amazon and give it a crazy per episode budget.

Tacoboto101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Netflix also has/will have Gears of War - both an animated series and a live-action film

VenomUK101d ago

This needs a massive budget to do it justice. And much as the father son dynamic is great the Greek setting and pantheon is richer and more exciting to me.

lodossrage101d ago


Sony is making Horizon for Netflx and Twisted Metal for Peacock

darthv72101d ago

Nice. I just read about Horizon coming to Netflix. didn't know Peacock is getting Twisted Metal.

darthv72101d ago

okay... just to update. Here are the ones known.
Paramount+: Halo
Netflix: Horizon & Gears of War
Peacock: Twisted Metal
HBO: Last of Us
Amazon: God of War & Fallout

What other streaming services will be getting game related shows? And I dont count RE on Netflix as that was in name only. I'd think AMC+ would get a Death Stranding or Red Dead.

lodossrage101d ago

Well not tv shows

But Jak and Daxter, Gravity Rush, and Days Gone are getting movies

dumahim101d ago

Gran Turismo is in the works too. I thought it was going to be on Apple, but can't find the info right now.

ChubbyBlade100d ago

Halo was halo in name only. It was not halo

Noskypeno100d ago

Yeah Halo is like those comic book or James Bond movies that get rebooted every few years, and the previous movies have little to do with the current generation. If done right, it doesn't matter if they get every little detail right as long as it's enjoyable and was made with passion. While it's not the greatest show, it has it's moments of potential, and maybe the second season can be where it picks up. For those that nitpick it's terrible cgi, many of the current Marvel movies with double the budget have cringeworthy cgi as well. There's not many shows that have great cgi.

richardmmorales100d ago

Ghost of Tsushima is getting a movie too.
Same Director from John Wick 4 is the Director for Ghost of Tsushima movie.

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Ashunderfire86101d ago

Horizon is on Netflix and I am nervous about that one after the disaster that was Resident Evil. But Lance Riddick was in Horizon as a voice actor. He will do better in the live action version of the game.

dumahim101d ago

Even though he plays mostly the same character a lot, he's so damn good at it.

CorndogBurglar100d ago

I wouldn't get excited about any projects. Halo was complete garbage. Resident Evil on Netflix was some of the worst BS I've ever attempted to watch.

Hollywood is too woke these days. And everyone wants to put their own spin on things. I really have no faith in any of it. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised with one or two of them.

Ashunderfire86100d ago


You will definitely like what they are doing with The Last of Us on HBO MAX. Neil Druckmann game director is working with the showrunner to get the story right like the game. After hearing the director talk about how sad he was about one of the scenes, we can expect a really good drama for this show.

Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be an expensive one, because of the Machine designs for the show. I am nervous on who is going to play Aloy, There is that one lady from Game of Throne's married to Jon Snow in real life, that looks just like Aloy and great at shooting arrows. Then there is Jennifer Lawrence which I don't mind, but she is very expensive too and already establish with Hunger Games. Whoever this actress is she definitely will most likely be someone from Europe to fit this role.

CorndogBurglar100d ago

I wouldn't get too excited about any of these projects. As much as I want them all to be good, I won't let myself get disappointed again like I did with Halo.

Low expectations is key. With Hollywood being so woke these days I just can't imagine any of this stuff being good. But that's a good thing, because if any of them do turn out good it will be a pleasant surprise.

Ashunderfire86100d ago

Yup Wokeness in Hollyweird is rampant in their movies and shows. Too many sequels that end up being a pass the touch movie, and the new Star Wars trilogy started that crap. Look at what they did to my man David Arquette from Scream 5? He was the Han Solo of Scream movies for years, and you pretty much know what happen lol!!! From a girl half his size smh.

Flewid638100d ago

Horizon would actually be a dope ass show.

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bangoskank101d ago

A live-action Kratos is going to look sick!. Not. Whoever plays Kratos better be jacked as shit or this will immediately not work.

bangoskank101d ago

if they are going the dad Kratos route we need someone who can deliver dramatic lines without making them laughable or cringe inducing.

SullysCigar101d ago

I'm sure you do..

Who do you think should play Kratos?

darthv72101d ago

Not sure he'd want to cut off his hair. It grows back but if rumors of him being cast as Lobo are true... he's going to need that.

Tacoboto101d ago

Sorry, Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland again, as Kratos and Atreus

Luc20101d ago

I don't think you're wrong 😂

Knushwood Butt100d ago


I recently watched that after avoiding it because I didn't want it to be terrible, and it was actually pretty entertaining. Certainly worth my time on a sub that I've already paid for.

Flip side being I walked out of RRR at the theater. The first time I have ever done that.

ClayRules2012100d ago

😂oh please no. It was bad enough seeing them as themselves “trying” to portray Nate and Sully, them as Kratos/Mark and Atreus/Tom would be some awful parody lol.

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Snookies12101d ago

Julius Bjornsson AKA The Mountain, lol.

1Victor101d ago

I want a skinny cratos before he sold his soul to Ares and become more buffed and by the 2nd season be all bulked up like the rock when he started vs 2 -3 years later

u-dragon27101d ago

Either James Hollingshead (dont know about his acting skills though) or Olivier Richters.

dumahim101d ago

Keira Knightly. She has range.

bangoskank101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Only two people I could see pulling it off are Momoa or Hugh Jackman. See Hugh Jackman bald and with beard in Les Miserables. The resemblance is crazy except Jackman is a bit longer and leaner.

BrainSyphoned100d ago

Yes, Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time also looked sick.

Noskypeno100d ago

Gerard Butler was rumored to play the role, he sounds like him and kind of looks like him, just could pack a few more pounds, but he's already ripped so he could just be a more lean version of Kratos.

Ashunderfire86100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

That this is Spartaaa is giving me Kratos vibes! Gerard Butler is my number one pick for sure.

Ashunderfire86100d ago

I wanted that to be Gerard Butler for a long time now, especially after 300! "This is Spartaaa." He could of said," I am Kratos!!!!" Before he start his finisher lol!!!!

bangoskank100d ago

Gerard Butler can't get back into the same shape he was in for 300. Apparently he worked himself too hard and has really bad tendinosis.

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Imalwaysright101d ago

Can't wait to see how far they'll go in order to make it for the "modern audiences"

crazyCoconuts101d ago

"Come here, ..can I say that?"

101d ago

Judging from that orgy episode on The Boys, I don't expect Kratos' story to be censored in any way by Amazon. If there IS any censorship, it'll be from Sony.

dumahim101d ago

Or the termite scene from the first episode of the season.

Necro-Pyro100d ago

Censorship from Sony? Yeah, right. It was Sony that built that expensive giant penis in termite episode.

Dirty_Lemons100d ago

I enjoyed it don't get me wrong, but the Herogasm story in The Boys was nowhere near as graphic as I was expecting. Termite jumping down that guys urethra though... 👀

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goldwyncq100d ago

With how colloquial the dialogue is for most of the characters in Ragnarok, I'd say it's already made with modern audiences in mind.

Machina100d ago

Nothing is safe from The Message nowadays.

Christopher99d ago

Quick, let's get offended before we even have a reason to be offended!

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yellowgerbil101d ago

So the person that completely ruined Wheel of Time is off to ruin another franchise. Great.

MadLad101d ago

Amazon has yet to show they can do anything well, outside of hosting a popular storefront.

rpvenom101d ago

The Boys and Tomorrow War were pretty good in my opinion.. but other than that.. not much else going on over there

dumahim101d ago

How dare you. Bosch is a great show. There's also The Grand Tour, Clarkson's Farm and James May: Our Man in Japan.

MadLad101d ago


I'll give you The Boys.
That's actually one of my favorite shows.

I think it says a lot that I even forget that that's actually from Amazon.

Knushwood Butt100d ago

I quite like Bosch actually and have watched them all. Hope his daughter gets less screen time in the next series, if there is one.

TheKingKratos100d ago

The Boys
Tomorrow war
Are amazing in my opinion

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Vx_101d ago

Why the F Amazon??? Lol this will be epic fail look how they turned Lord of the rings and the wheel of time into some w0ke crap!!! GoW is the total opposite of Amazon code.. 🤦🏼‍♂️

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