lord_of_balrogs5378d ago

Overhyped yes, but it was still a good game.
I think Gear 2 or MGS4 deserves GOTY. And before you complain about Gear 2 MP, think of the problems in MGO. People just forgot about them since the game was released earlier than Gears 2.

Clopsy5378d ago

Yes, but remember MGS4 is more story driven than known for its MP.

Bigrhyno5378d ago

MGO doesn't have all the glitches Gears multiplayer has. And just because you don't like the gameplay style doesn't mean it's bad. Yes, I like Gears multiplayer more, but MGO is a lot of fun.

ReTarDedFisHy5378d ago

MGO is very fun. I like it as much as I do Call of Duty 4 or Resistance 2. I have NO IDEA why people think it sucks so much - it really doesn't.

PistolPumptMonk5378d ago

Saw this comin from a mile away. Its a solid game but I definitely think MGS4 deserves game of the year.

Either way, what a sweet year for gamers. I'm still swamped with goodness.

Bathyj5378d ago

MGO is just icing on the best cake you've ever tasted.

Plus am I the only one who finds Gears Single player boring? I mean the game is ok but I just feel like I'm going through the motions. Some really dull motions. And if I have to hear that FKN voice one more time, "Cmon's lets goes gets thems guys." I might play the rest of it on mute. Could you be any more grisly, generic space marine. F*k ts grating. The funny thing is, I like thew truck driver in Futurama but I cant stand it here. Dom should have been the lead so Marcus didnt have to open his yap so much.

blind-reaper5378d ago

Gametrailers is the first gamesite that unite Xbox and PS3 Fanboys under one voice: "GTA does not deserve GOTY gametrailers you SUCK!"

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Lucreto5378d ago

All GOTY best PS3 and best 360 all were GTA 4.

I must play this game then.

JimmyJames705378d ago

I hope that's sarcasm I'm detecting.

JimmyJames705378d ago

I just puked at GTA IV being game of the year. PUKE

interrergator5378d ago

the same nominees on spike tv wow

SAiOSiN5378d ago

IMO Fallout 3 and MGs4 deserve it. Loved both games. Haven't gotten to LBP yet, but I will after Fable 2. GTA4 was fun for the first week of play. Gears of War 2 was an amazing game until I got to the MP. MP killed that game IMO.