Hogwarts Legacy for PS4 and Xbox One delayed to April 4, 2023; Switch version launches July 25

Publisher Warner Bros. Games and developer Avalanche Software have delayed the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Hogwarts Legacy from their previously planned February 10, 2023 release date to April 4. The PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC (Steam) versions will still launch as planned on February 10.

Jin_Sakai177d ago

Should’ve just dropped last gen in the first place and put all the focus on current gen versions.

RaiderNation176d ago

Agreed. At this point it's getting ridiculous! MOVE ON please! There are enough next gen consoles in the wild now to where this should no longer be necessary!

Lightning77177d ago

If the game releases broken on last gen then that's just yet another reason to completely avoid the last gen versions. If you can help it that is.

Last gen needs to leave.

Orchard177d ago

Damn that is one hell of a title. At first glance I thought it was all up delayed again and was disappointed - but then realized it only mentioned last gen.

MadLad176d ago

So they'll probably end up basically not functional. Especially on the Switch.

MajorLazer176d ago

How the hell is the Switch getting a version?

MrNinosan176d ago

Because Switch gamers doesn't care about the quality and will buy millions anyways.

Bobertt176d ago

For real the latest Pokemon game was a broken mess and looked like an N64 game in some areas and they still bought it up in droves like it was crack.

Eidolon176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

I kinda think the people who buy games like this(conceptualized for much more powerful hardware) for Switch are usually A: mobile gamers who already LOVE the game and want their on-the-go fix and accept the downgrade, and B: the non-gamer parents, for the kids begging for the game without weighing out the cost over quality.

Initial Switch sales of this game are majority going to be B. With some hardcore mobile gaming Harry Potter fans.

Honestly, Who the fuck is spending $50+ on a game like this and plays at home on the Switch.. Absolutely boggles my mind.
To people who say "Switch is my only console" Bitch, you can you can get a PS4 for $120 easily if you tried. Shit, I got a Xbox One X for $140(1TB + controller) on Ebay.

SoulWarrior176d ago

With the tired old pOrTaBiLiTy reasoning.

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