Undisputed Boxing Game Will Be Published by PLAION

The boxing game Undisputed, in development at Steel City Interactive, will be published by PLAION (formerly Koch Media).

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Psychotica167d ago

I hope it's good, it's been forever since I played a good boxing game

BQ32166d ago

It is so good man, shaping up to be a sim and not a fighting game with boxers. I can’t stop thinking about playing it already. A lot of the complaints I feel are people that haven’t put effort into learning the game and are trying to play it like ufc/fight night

BlaqMagiq1166d ago

Undisputed is more boxing sim than arcadey ala Fight Night. I love Fight Night Champion but it's not holding a candle to Undisputed.

BlaqMagiq1167d ago

This NEEDS to succeed. Once the bugs are ironed out and the feel is just right this will be better than Fight Night. The devs really care about this game and it shows.

Ready4nxtgen167d ago

Can we just get a Next generation Victorious boxers please.

Magic_Spatula166d ago

Hope it's a good boxing game. I haven't played a boxing game I liked since Fight Night Round 3.

boing1166d ago

Pfff, no console versions?

BQ32166d ago

There will be on full release but that is a ways out