Sure, Darktide's Female Faces Aren't Pretty. Deal With It

Eyeliner and blusher aren't priorities when you're in prison awaiting a suicide mission.

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CrimsonWing69292d ago

Good god... I don't even like looking at the thumbnail. Gross

Snookies12292d ago

They'd be hot... If you burned them with fire, lol. Wait, maybe that's what already happened here?

monkey602291d ago

Good lord they must have hired Bethesdas artists

ChubbyBlade291d ago

Every character in the game is hideous. Most 40k characters are hideous

CorndogBurglar290d ago

This right here. They aren't ugly because of poor graphics. They are ugly because they are prisoners on a prison planet. And like you said, Warhammer's whole shtick is that the entire galaxy lives only for war. Not many "hot" women roaming around in WH40K.

VersusDMC290d ago

That makes sense...but why does the hair look like they just came from the salon.

Are there hair stylists at the prison?

CantThinkOfAUsername290d ago

Are you serious? Sure, there are no models walking around in 40K, but those abominations in the game they call women make the Adepta Sororitas look like Miss World contestants.

Sano24289d ago

Are you implying only ugly people go to prison because you would be surprised.

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