The Game Awards Stage Invader Also Crashed A World Of Warcraft Panel

Matan Even has had an interesting online presence since 2019, long before he took to The Game Awards stage.

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hotnickles105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

It reminds of those 2 guys who were walking around in front Twitter HQ. They had boxes of stuff pretending to be fired in the layoffs to troll the news reporters out front. It’s so random but kind of funny lol. Especially when reporters look stupid. The newer generation has weird ways of expressing themselves. Like gluing their faces to paintings is another. Why? Who knows.

ChubbyBlade105d ago

You think this kind of behaviour is new? Kids always do stupid shit. Some kid in my high school 20 years ago glued his hands to a trophy case to protest something. Don’t remember what it was but the look his parents gave him when they came in was hilarious.

hotnickles105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Rebellious behavior is not new. The tactics are new. Social media charged. That idiot in your school was a one off, he didn’t do it for TikTok likes. He was just an idiot. These weirdo activist stories are like every week now lol.

Like the Twitter HQ trolls, they didn’t do anything nefarious. They just pretended to be employees of Twitter for no reason. Just to mess with reporters. Didn’t say anything bad, just “hey it sucks but you know” lmao. It’s generational humor for sure. Lazy humor.

SierraGuy105d ago

I was hoping they would beat the 💩 out of this pre pubescent puke on live tv.

hotnickles105d ago

If it wasn’t a Japanese team it would have been handled pretty quick. Anybody else would have turned around and said who is this guy. He caught them in the translation and confusion lol.

It was a respectable approach to reaching millions of people. He probably should have picked something better to say. At the end of the speech they swarmed him lol.

CrimsonWing69104d ago

I did some further research on this kid and I can’t tell if he’s a troll or a political activist.

Apparently, Israel does consider Bill Clinton to be the first “Jewish” president, but I think it’s due to his support. Don’t quote me on that.

But I think that’s what he meant. I just thought he was trying to make some joke.

hotnickles104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Clearly a troll. He said reformed rabbi Bill Clinton. The Clinton’s are anything but lol.

I’m familiar with Israel’s connection to presidents. They love Trump the same way for moving the capital and embassy to Jerusalem etc. i know the Albanians love Clinton for what he did for them. I don’t think that has anything to do with his message. It’s just random nonsense.

Shiore2u104d ago

Get mental health screened.