It's Been 8 Years And No Horror Game Has Even Come Close To Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is the scariest horror game ever made, and it both surprises and baffles me how, since it launched way back in 2014, nothing has come close. Creative Assembly set a new standard for the genre, but it seems it was too high a standard. No developer, no matter how talented, has managed to match it in terms of pure, nerve-shredding terror—and I don't think anyone ever will. Isolation increasingly feels like a true one-off. A singular, special moment in video games that will never truly be replicated. But why does it work so well?

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ArchangelMike494d ago

It's such a travesty that we don't have Alien Isolation 2.

MadLad493d ago

Alien Isolation is a great game, but it's not the end all be all since its release. We've had many great horror games come out since.

Clonetrooper1139493d ago

Critics did not like this one, either. I bought Callisto Protocol today. 👌

Ramboforlife493d ago

Yep, the best horror game I've ever played. I can't think of a close 2nd. Dead Space I guess, but that's a very different experience.


The best Alien games to play while you wait for Alien: Romulus

If you've got an Alien itch you can't quite scratch until Alien: Rolumus releases, GameSpew has rounded up the best Alien games to tide you over.

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banger883d ago

Alien Trilogy is great as well and still holds up good even today.


Why Alien: Isolation 2 Should Be the Next Entry in the Franchise

Fans (myself included) are clamouring for a direct sequel to this fantastic game and hope for an Alien: Isolation 2. But will this great game ever get another instalment?

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Rebel_Scum180d ago

tbh it doesn’t need a sequel. Fantastic game but not something to make into a long running series.


PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for October: Gotham Knights, Disco Elysium, House of Ashes

Also included are Alien: Isolation, Dead Island Definitive Edition, Outlast 2, and more.

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crazyCoconuts187d ago

Good month imo. I'll play Gotham Knights and House of Ashes. I'm finishing up Disco E on Steam right now - that's a superb game.

cthulhucultist186d ago

House of Ashes was weird but one of the good weird ones! Really enjoyed it

187d ago
Lexreborn2187d ago

I really enjoyed Gotham knights playing with my friend

187d ago
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