Dead Space vs The Callisto Protocol: So whats the difference?

The Callisto Protocol comes with the intention of making us feel afraid in space again. It's been quite a few years since the last installment in the Dead Space series, and with its remake out next month, it's impossible not to think about the similarities and differences between the original and this spiritual successor. After all, one of the minds behind both projects is the same, and that leads us to similar ideas... and very, very different ones.

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Sonic188161d ago

Callisto protocol gameplay has more depth like crouching, dodging, running backwards, and stealth mechanics but Dead Space has a better story and a better game overall

TheEnigma31360d ago

Really in-depth analysis right here.

SimpleSlave61d ago

None. The Callisto Protocol is what Dead Space 3 should've been and what fans would've wanted Dead Space 4 to be during last gen.

Fans of the series and the genre just got a massive W, and as we know, this shit don't last very long so enjoy it.

Andy_Dee61d ago

It's Even Horizon.. Not final Horizon which is a tower defense game..

Andy_Dee60d ago

Event Horizon... Damn auto correct

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The story is too old to be commented.