PS4, PS5, and Xbox Ports of Monster Hunter Rise Will Be Digital Only

Capcom has announced that the PS4, PS5, and Xbox ports of Monster Hunter Rise will only be available for digital download.

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I’m fine with that. I’m all digital anyway. Like it or not digital is the future.

shinoff218364d ago

Keep saying that. During the ps4 generation more and more physical publishers popped up. I'm glad. Digital isn't a good thing in the long run. Especially if you like playing older games.

CrimsonWing6963d ago

But then look at this very release being digital only. This will begin being more and more the norm. Especially with how digital sales are eclipsing physical sales.

shinoff218363d ago (Edited 63d ago )


I know this ain't ps4 generation jerky but those same small publishers are still releasing physical games for the ps5 and switch. There all over. Physical isnt dead thats for sure . Also physical games just being an unlock key is far from the norm. There's only been a handful that did that. So for you to make it sound so spread out amongst all these games. Your full of sh Lil guy


I wouldn't be surprised to see this go physical at some point. Even limited run games have gotten a few bigger name games released physically through them.

RPGer63d ago

@speakx guy, Well Sony disagree with your there biggest hits still a PS4 games, if excludes Returnal, Demon and Rift Apart.

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ClayRules201264d ago

You can be all you want. However, many gamers are not fine with digital gaming, especially it being “our future” for this industry.

SPEAKxTHExTRUTH64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

It doesn’t really matter what you or I say about it. It’s just a fact that digital is the future. It’s pretty obvious and anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial. Game disk aren’t even on the disk anymore it’s just a license. Go ask GoW:R and countless other games. Hell I literally just preordered the PSVR bundle and even that comes with a digital download HZD code. Sorry but digital is the future like it or not..:

Nyxus64d ago

@ Speak lies: Okay, here you go for God of War: https://doesitplay.herokuap...

- Offline Play: Yes
- Download required: No

"Overall, the disc version is fully playable and enjoyable. The bugs make the experience a bit annoying and in certain cases break immersion of the story and gameplay. However, the vast majority of the game is intact and fully optimised."

EvertonFC63d ago

With the introduction of this external blu ray player for ps5 nxt year, Sony will have all the data they need who buys a blu ray player with there digital ps5.
I can guarantee you when PS6 releases they will do the same, release a digital console with a external blu ray player and I'm betting 80% of playstation players won't pick up the external player for there ps6?

lellkay63d ago

"Game disk aren’t even on the disk anymore it’s just a license"

This is such a false narrative.

shinoff218363d ago


Pro digital guys love to use that one. In reality it's only a handful at most that have done that.

BlaqMagiq163d ago

"Game disk aren’t even on the disk anymore it’s just a license."

This is factually false and @DoesItPlay on Twitter has proven that hundreds of times already.

CobraKai63d ago

Digital is actually the present. I dunno if you’ve noticed but even with digital media, there’s still physical media and it ain’t going anywhere any time soon.
I dunno why people have to make wars over everything. Does it hurt you in some way that some people like to own a hard copy?

shinoff218363d ago


Personally I do both. I'd prefer physical and for indies I'm interested in if there isn't a physical or a planned one I'll buy the digital. He'll I've bought digital and physical of the same game. Right now there's a series on sale both together digitally is about 15 16 dollars. I found the physical of it on Amazon for 26. I'm buying physical. It's 10 dollars more but I can accept that

CobraKai63d ago

I agree. Sometimes if I have the original game, but the remaster is only $10 upgrade, I’ll just go digital. Some games like Stray, I waited for the physical copy. I’ll buy digital if there is no physical. I’m not against digital content, but there’s no need to hate on physical media. It’s personal preference.
Some people still prefer real comic books, books, CDs/LPs. I like having a library of games where I can see the spines lined up.

Tzuno63d ago

No, you're not digital, you're ignorant

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