Monster Hunter Rise’s crossover Sonic DLC won’t be downloadable from January, even if you own it.

Capcom has announced that some of the collaboration DLC in Monster Hunter Rise will be delisted in January.

Collaborations with Sonic the Hedgehog, Universal Studios Japan, and Sengan-en will no longer be available in the game after January 21, 2024.

Players who’ve already downloaded the content will be able to continue to use it. However, whereas most games and content that are delisted are still available to redownload after they’re gone, this isn’t the case here.

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fan_of_gaming84d ago

Ah, yet another example of the garbage that is digital-only content

jznrpg84d ago

That’s dumb but whatever I don’t buy crap like this.

VersusDMC84d ago

It was free promotional items by the way.

Kinda should be in the title but we need the assumption that people got scammed for clicks...

Christopher80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Still doesn't make sense that if you added it to your library that you won't be able to download it as long as the store exists.


Steam Uproar as Capcom Slips In Restrictive DRM Software

From Xfire: "Steam users and the larger PC gaming community are lashing out at Capcom over a streak of sneaky DRM updates as the Japanese gaming giant continues to flirt with controversy"

LordoftheCritics29d ago


Capcom turning into Ubisoft.

Well success can have that effect.

just_looken29d ago

Yep this shows how bad a digital world is now well for the old titles new games disc or not the drm is there but you can get the old games on dvd then try to monkey the last pre drm update onto the game files.

I love GOG for this reason i saw that skyrim bs update so i know not to run that version as gog you can select what patch to download/install with capcom hopefully we get a list of the update numbers that add this horrific drm.

With denuvo as a alder lake pc user it still has issues with E cores and i remember when the servers were taken offline forcing hundreds of games to be paperweights.


FinalFantasyFanatic29d ago

It's also really annoying how they can cut or change content later, like the Skull Girls controversy, a decade later after the game came out, they decide to censor it. The game is a decade old, if it's not broken, leave it, adding DRM back into older games is BS.

just_looken29d ago


Good point even major sp games got the cut after the fact be it last of us with maps/art or gta 5 removing stuff in the world.

Cyberpunk ps4 day one disc copy the sept build still has stuff the other versions no longer have.

With the gta 6 controversy right now i think back to the days of saints row creating a character beating up cops with a dildo bat and now we have elon crying over gta 6 guns killing cops i bet you if they made saints row 2 hd they would half to cut half the games content or go to jail lol also sad.

Was watching avatar last airbender 13yr old ang kissing katar again can not have that in a kids show or game now.

PRIMORDUS29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Do they want more of their games to be torrented? Seems like it, I don't mind 🤣 Just ripped them a new asshole on Twitter, as I do not care what I say or post on there LOL.

banger8829d ago

Let me guess, you have a vpn enabled. For your sake I hope it's not in any 5 Eyes territories.


I have ExpressVPN but on Twitter I don't use it lol. For other things I use it :D

Barlos29d ago

Nice. I got a lifetime ban on Twitter back in 2020 for speaking my mind. Don't care tbh, I'm not really into social media. I don't even have a Facebook account.


I'm still trying to get banned to lol I'll keep at it 🤣 I have FB but maybe log in once a month but yeah always speak your mind no matter how bad the words come out, do not hold back online or IRL. Fuck them shit bags lol.

got_dam29d ago

This is classic Capcom. They everything they go on a hot streak and win back some consumer good will they have to turn around and burn it to the ground and have to start the whole process again.

Chocoburger29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Additional DRM just pushes people to pirate more. These ignorant executives just don't get it. Only the legitimate customer is affected by DRM. 😕

Darkegg29d ago

Drm punishes legit customers and encourage hackers. It’s the wrong way to go about it.

Darkegg29d ago

Drm punishes legit customers and encourages hackers. It’s the wrong approach.

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Monster Hunter X Zoids Collaboration Revealed With Actual Zoids Inspired by Rathalos and Magnamalo

Back in December 2023, Capcom and Takara Tomy teased a mysterious collaboration between the Monster Hunter and Zoids franchise, and today it has been revealed,

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ZoidsRaven39d ago

An orange and bladed Zaber Fang (from Zoids) themed after the Sand Barioth (from Monster Hunter) would have been my choice.
Hopefully Zoids outside of Wild get crossovers too.


Best Video Games to Play With Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Choosing couple-oriented games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend can be challenging, but we'll narrow down the best picks for you.

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Nacho_Z59d ago

What do married people do, knit each other socks?

anast58d ago

We complain about the rising food and utility costs then go to bed....

Final_Aeon56d ago

Usually have kids that soak up 90% of 'free' time.
So gaming solo or together is a luxury.