The Time Is Right For Capcom To Revive Resident Evil Outbreak

Zach from WellPlayed writes about how Capcom's recent Resident Evil multiplayer failings should make the company bring back Resident Evil Outbreak.

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OhReginald64d ago

Yes. Either a remake like re2 remake. Or something original with the outbreak name. I've been playing hunt showdown, and I would love something like that but with a resident evil coat of paint..

CrimsonWing6964d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The time was right back when they started adding MP to the mainline entries. Hell, I have no idea why they won’t! I mean, instead we get bs like Umbrella Corps and RE:Verse… whoever is in charge of MP games over at Capcom must be stuck on stupid.

MrCrimson64d ago

yes, make items random, sort of like a metroidvania-


If Capcom remade Outbreak it would most likely be free to play filled with MT’s. Just leave it dead.

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