Why Resident Evil Outbreak May Be Better for Capcom's E3 Showing

Capcom's got something up their sleeve for this year's E3 -- many expect another Resident Evil remake. How about Resident Evil Outbreak?

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PhoenixUp969d ago

Resident Evil: Revelations 3 would be better

luis_spartano968d ago

Hell Yeah I want to know what'll happen to Natalia and Alex Wesker!

rawshack968d ago

Out break was underrated hopefully this is true

Double_O_Revan968d ago

A new Outbreak could be good these days. It was way ahead of it's time on a system that didn't do online well at the time.

PurpHerbison968d ago

System did online just fine. Average consumer didn't have internet.

gangsta_red968d ago

I've been saying this for years that a new Outbreak would be fantastic. Being Online today is like drinking water, especially compared to when this game first released.

I can imagine a L4D type game but set in the RE universe and the goal is to escape Raccon City and to pass through iconic staples of the game including enemies and of course Mr X.

Double_O_Revan968d ago

Def shouldn't be like L4D, but I get your point. Would be cool either way.

ocelot07968d ago

You pretty much just described Resident Evil Operation Racoon City and it was a complete mess.

Yui_Suzumiya968d ago

Exactly.. Please let this dumpster fire idea simply smolder away. A remake of Resident Evil 6 would be more enticing than this idea, lol

ocelot07968d ago

Loved both Outbreak 1 and File 2. I would love it if they could make a HD remaster of both of them complete with online function.

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The story is too old to be commented.